Kill Command


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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David Ajala as Drifter
Thure Lindhardt as Skoleelev
Vanessa Kirby as Ada Brooks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andariel Halo 4 / 10 / 10

self demonstrating need for drone soldiers

While I don't actually remember if this team is said to be an elite military force of the best of the best, they very quickly demonstrate that they are not even remotely close to being competent or reliable soldiers. One of them even casually pulls his gun on their civilian attache, Mills, in a joking manner while they're in a future-helicopter, because as anyone in any branch of the military will tell you, waving your fully loaded and operational gun around in a tight, pressurized cabin at your friends and allies is what all hardcore badass marines and soldiers do. going on, these people are engaged in an apparent training exercise in some area against robot drone soldiers, of which Mills can connect with them via some manner of implant in her body that is shown through her eye implants and such. For this reason and apparently no other, most of the squad hates and mistrusts her, with the captain being the most needlessly belligerent against her. When stuff inevitably goes wrong and the robots start launching ambush attacks on the soldiers, they almost immediately start breaking down, shrieking and crying at each other and making lots of loud noises so the robots can better track them and kill them. As well, they start more openly threatening Mills, thinking it's somehow her fault because apparently soldiers in the future operate on a childish mindset of "new thing happen, it fault of new person". as they try to escape the killer drone robots, they inevitably get picked off one by one, while continuously making noise, breaking up into groups, losing their cool, screaming at each other, and pulling guns on Mills because she's the computer techie and technology is scary. when they reach the apparent command hub where all the robots are based in, they meet the first robot, and we get an expo dump with it and Mills revealing that the robots are S.A.R. program, which I forgot what the initials stand for, but it basically means they learn from mistakes, study their opponents' tactics and strategy, and adapt accordingly. Mills seems to think it's some kind of programming error or maybe a hacking that's leading to the robots killing the marines, but the Head Robot says the only problem is human error; namely that the humans suck at fighting them. While them killing humans is a bad thing I am utterly against and would shut down the robots, they technically aren't wrong; this particular group of soldiers is comically inept and dangerously unstable, whilst the S.A.R. drones not only have the benefits of robot soldiers over humans, but they have the added advantage of learning and adapting on top of that, and they aren't constantly threatening to shoot each other for no reason or casually waving their weapons around unless they fully intend to kill a target. While robot soldiers will essentially never match up to human soldiers, and could never replace them for delicate missions like special operations or ones with the risk of civilian crossfire and casualties, these S.A.R. robots prove themselves in the film to be far superior to the bumbling protagonist team and could even stand to be deployed to a general war zone as-is, whereas the bumbling protagonist team I would not trust to do recon without somehow screwing up and shooting each other.

Reviewed by adrianjherr 8 / 10 / 10

Really well done budget sci-fi film

Kill Command is a really well done budget sci-fi film. It's so well done you might forget it's a budget film. As others have noted the script could be better at parts, but overall the script is more than adequate and the rest of the film is so well done I didn't even notice the script until I read other reviews. Really well done film. Kudos to the cast and crew.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 8 / 10 / 10

Eye see you

In the not too distant future the Harbinger Corporation is perfecting drones and robots to replace man in the field of combat. Mills (Vanessa Kirby) has designed self modifying machines and has numerous electronics implanted in her including a set of Google style eyes that does facial recognition and communicates with her creations. She accompanies a group of combat seasoned soldiers to an isolated area for a training exercise using live ammo. As the ominous music starts as they walk through the woods.... The special effects were very good and the highlight of the film. The film felt like a combination of "Predator" and "Terminator" which is why it is rated high. The character aspect, i.e. acting and human drama left a little something on the table. The hottest babe in the film was unemotional having a hate-hate relationship with the captain (Thure Lindhardt) of the mission. We get some introductions on the aircraft as Mills (Vanessa Kirby) eye scans everyone's face, but unless you read fast.... Good film if you like the "Terminator" stuff. Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

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