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Brianna Barnes as Young woman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stephenabell 4 / 10 / 10

A Below Average Cliched Psychological Thriller

Karen Cliche in a cliched film - who would have guessed, right(?) So this is the story about a career-minded woman, Jessica (Cliche), who won't let anything stand in her way. When her husband is arrested for fraud she decides to track down her daughter, Allison (Martin). Allison has been raised by her father and his wife after she was born due to her father's affair with Jessica. Now that her father has passed away Allison and her sister, Sydni (Blanton), are the sole inheritors of his will... except that Jessica has other plans. Serge does try to add something new to an old story, though he unfortunately also throws in some cliches - and well-used ones at that, which deters a little from his good work. Also, some of the narratives are a little heavy-handed and unrealistic. Though what lowers the film most is the direction. Conradt sticks to a pretty tried and true formulaic structure with the filming. It wouldn't have hurt to add a few different camera angles and possible some nice pans of scenery and location. Also, a little bit of lighting to add atmosphere and mood would have gone a long way after all this is a psychological thriller. The one bright side to this movie is Maddy Martin who does a good job with her character. She could be one actress to keep an eye on. It's just a shame that the rest of the cast isn't up to her standard, especially Cliche who is relatively wooden throughout the film. Though she has a striking face and a decent body, I just cannot understand why the men Jessica is with would find her attractive enough to bed, because, characterwise, there's nothing attractive about this woman. All in all, I'd recommend watching any of the many other TV movies of this ilk out there as they are probably more enjoyable.

Reviewed by edwagreen 6 / 10 / 10


Terrific thriller with two sisters losing their parents in 2 years and the younger one, who thought she was adopted, finds out that her real mother had a brief affair with the father and has now returned. The mother, Jessica, is one of the most diabolical characters I've met in a long time. Her scheme to gain control of the vast inheritance left to the younger daughter leads her to all sorts of mayhem, especially getting rid of people who are in the way of her ultimate goal. Wait until you find out that the father's death in a plane crash wasn't an accident. The older sister-wise but rebellious realizes that something is amiss so Jessica has drugs planted in her car to get her out of the way. A wonderful thriller, greed was never better.

Reviewed by Desertman84 6 / 10 / 10

An Inheritance Worth Killing For

After watching Arianne Zucker and Brando Eaton in a "Killer _____"- type movie known as "Killer Assistant",I get to see another one starring Karen Cliché, Kirby Bliss Blanton and Maddy Martin in another of this type movie entitled 'Killer Mom".This movie is about a mother who intends to kill for her daughter's inheritance. Fourteen year old Allison Timmons is going to inherit $40 million soon after her father dies in a plane crash just recently and her mother died two year ago.Things get complicated when Allison gets to know that her mother doesn't happen to be her real mother and realize that she just happens to be a result of an affair that her father had years before.Unexpectedly,her real mother Jessica enters the picture and tries to make up for the many years she has not become part of her life.Unknowingly,Jessica has not-so-good intentions and tries to eliminate everybody that becomes an obstacle between her and her daughter's $40 million inheritance.Meanwhile,Allison's half-sister Sydni sees all of these and plans to stop Jessica before it is too late. Regular viewers would definitely be used to these types of stories about nefarious family members who are up to no good and who are going after for a millions worth of inheritance in many TV movies.In this "Killer_____"-type movie "Killer Mom",it is obvious that the real mother is the one who is up to no good.But in spite of this clichéd and predictable story as well as the weak conclusion wherein characters particularly Allison and Jessica had immediate character transformations to make the story end and having Syndi - a non- police character - being able to figure all out together with some funny impatient members of Jessica's criminal team, it was evident that it had some moments of entertainment.Karen Cliché did well as a in playing the villain Jessica.She had some subtlety and was believable in playing a caring mother and villain at the same time. Maddy Martin was also worth mentioning as Allison.Her lack of acting experience was not seen throughout the television movie.Overall,it would still be a nice TV movie despite the familiar story being presented.

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