Killer Therapy



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October 13, 2020



Adrienne King as Mrs. Perkins
Daeg Faerch as Blake Corbin
P.J. Soles as Dr. Emily Lewis
Thom Mathews as John Langston
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kwenchow 1 / 10 / 10

Another worst horror film! Full of boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene! Not recommended!

This film start with a mother "Debbie" talking with her son "Brian" about his sister "Aubrey", and his father "John" bringing his sister to him scene! As turnout this film is about a mentally unstable male "Brian", after cure by a bunch of therapist from childhood to adulthood, he eventually decide to kill all the therapist curing him, the female he love, and all his family member! Entire film full of boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene! Such as, overuse of the flashbacks scene, overuse of the close-up facial scene, overuse of the staring scene, and overuse of the blackout scene! Make the film unwatchable! All the killing scene also quite messy, and shaky! Make the film quite frustrated to watch! The biting scene also just show the blood after biting! Barely intense scene is, Brian biting Dr. Keller to kill him! At the end, after killing all his family member, and the female he love! Brian went into the last remaining female therapist house! The film just end like that! What a wasting time to watch film! Pathetic!

Reviewed by cat_schroedingers 10 / 10 / 10

yeah, it is not a bad film ...but... really paints a terrible picture of getting help with mental issues. I get that the point is, that the system, an abusive family etc etc can make a person with the wrong genedisposition into even more of a psycho... and there are many ppl out there having no place in a psychjob, thinking they are gods, BUT: everything so severely onesided just doesnt sit right with me. i know what i am talking about when it comes to mental illness. the film sadly depicts any form of therapy and the illness itself very one sided. i know there are more countries with bad health care than with good ones, but nonetheless... maybe its to close to home, since i am involved in helping metally ill and suffer myself, still this movie made me sad. for all the wrong reasons.

Reviewed by shagee7977 10 / 10 / 10

Slasher film with and 80's feeling for today

Wow when I saw the previews of this I thought it looked cool. But with my experience I said all these legends Adrienne King, PJ Soles, Thom Mathews and always enjoyable Daeg Farch, chances are I will be disappointed. But oh I was wrong. Barry Jay is an amazing filmmaker and really brings out the best in all his actors. Nobody outshines anybody, they are all brilliant and give some of the best performances of there careers. Brian is a mess. He is not really wrapped to tight. We see from his disturbing adolescence (Jonathan Tysor)to and adult psychopath (Michael Qeliqi). From the beginning as a child Brian was different. His father really doesn't show him any kind of love or understanding and his mother is in denial. A newly adopted sister doesn't help. Total jealously escalated that he is not loved. Brian is involved with numerous violent incidences that connect him and therapy is agreed. He is bounced from numerous therapists and we are taken on a journey through his insanity unfolding. After his father comes to terms that the mother is useless and covers his crazy tendencies they go to a therapist. Thom Mathews gives one of his best performances to date and shows his versatility here as a genuine great actor Destin for more prime roles. First off is a child molester who use his role as a device to feed on his sick tendencies. Dr. Keller molests him but is left to the imagination. He is a highly regarded therapist and never suspected. Next is Dr. Lewis (P.J. Soles) starts it off and senses and diagnose rage with sociopathic tendencies and some serious violent episode of rage. How cool to see P.J. such a brilliant role. She really chews the scenery and does what she does best. Makes us love her. Now my sweet spot is for a memorable long awaited performance from Adrienne King. Adrienne plays Mrs. Perkins a kindhearted Guidance Counselor. She has very good intentions and only wants the best for Brian. But it maybe a little to late or above what she is capable of. Adrienne is Alice out of Camp Crystal lake. This is what if Alic3 lived and went on to become a guidance Counselor. I know Adrienne and she is just a wonderful person and throws it all in this role and really has us feeling and believing who she is. There is a really cool scene, without giving to much away. Where Daeg Farch from Rob Zombie Halloween has the tables turned on him from his role from Halloween. Dawg is a really fun actor to watch and hope this movie finds him more roles. I love this actor and has a certain edge to him that's always a joy to watch. The movie is such a homage to classic slasher flicks and also with a new twist so sensitively portrayed in this movie. It shows mental illness but takes the subject seriously and with heart. Barry Jay is a brilliant filmmaker and should be followed and Praised with his work. Excellent story, acting and cinematography is brilliant and above normal genre expectations. I was itching for a mo ie like this for awhile and my film prayers were answered. While not going over the top yet not lacking violence and typical genre expectations I truly loved and recommend this movie. Take a look and tell everyone. Check out Killer Therapy. You get a great movie and get to revisit with some ole friends. I only hope there is a Killer Therapy 2 in the works.

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