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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vitamutatio 7 / 10 / 10

Entertaining, but predictable

This movie was so predictable, but enjoyable. Five minutes into the film, they showed Kendra's birthmark so I knew that the 'good' twin would prevail, and the scene in the bar where they pretended not to know each other set things up for Amber to trick Dane. Saw that one I said, predictable. Lindsay Hartley did such a nice job with her dual role, I would have liked to have seen the plot take a different direction rather than the typical Hollywood 'evil twin' plotline. When Amber first visits the house, she signs for some packages that Kendra had ordered online. Some clothes and nail polish. I would have liked to have seen Amber break in and take some of Kendra's actual clothes, or use the same online shopping to duplicate her outfits. Taking the packages raises suspicion. Amber was a thief by trade, so getting seen at the house was her first mistake that really shouldn't have happened and why didn't Kendra and Dane notice the big blank spot on the wall from their missing wedding photo? Amber took pictures of everything else with her phone, why not that? Amber stole Kendra's credit card info and went on a shopping spree at the same boutique and maxed out her cards. Stupid. If her plan was to get rid of her sister and take over her life, she was doing it all wrong. For her plan to succeed, she should have worked from the shadows gathering information, not going out in public dressed as Kendra and running into her friends. When she went to have her nails done and fooled Kendra's regular manicurist, I was hoping that Amber was practicing her 'Kendra' persona and working her way up Kentra's friends to see if she could fool them, but alas, it went downhill from there and she ended up having to murder people to keep them from telling Kendra. I think it would have been more sinister for Amber to insinuate herself with Kendra's friend Monica and even her mother to make them begin to doubt the real Kendra as she worked her way to Dane. Amber had also stolen Kendra's epi pen and safe deposit box key. Who carries their safe deposit box key all the time? Really? Kendra went to the bank to get some jewelry from the box and couldn't find the key, then shortly after, Amber shows up with the key wearing different clothes and of course, the same bank employee helps her. The smart move would have been to wait until the following day when the change in outfit would have been less suspicious. And bank employees NEVER stand in the room and chat you up while you open your box. Only in the movies. I'm still not sure what the box's contents had to do with the storyline. Amber's friend, Lotto who employed some typically bogus movie hacking techniques accessed Kendra's email allowing Amber to have some visibility into Kendra's life. Why not her social media? Why not clone her phone? Why not bug the house to listen in? It would have been nice to see an 'Amazon Echo' or some other device in the house that Lotto could have hacked to give Amber more current information. If you're going to use fake it right. Amber needed a way to spy on Dane and Kendra's intimate moments if she wanted to successfully take her place, especially fooling her husband. When Amber lands Kendra in the hospital with an allergic reaction to poppy seeds (you can buy just the seeds by the way, you don't need to scrape them off bagels) , she deliver's Kendra's speech flawlessly and then goes to the bar to seduce Kendra's drunk husband by playing their little 'we just met' game, as predicted. Dane notices that 'Kendra' isn't wearing her wedding ring and Amber kisses him to distract him. (Kendra should have had a prettier, more distinctive wedding set than the plain gold band anyway and Amber should have devised a scheme to get it.) Dane, of course, forgets his phone when he goes off with Amber just as Kendra tries calling again. Again, this all would have been so much better if they didn't know that Kendra had a twin. When Dane sees the missing birthmark, he is suddenly sober as a judge and Amber has to knock him out and her plan falls apart. With these movies, the impersonation usually only lasts a few hours before they're hauled off in cuffs. If I were writing this movie, I would have sent it down a darker path. I would have not used the birthmark so the two would be nearly impossible to tell apart and I would have had Amber gather more information and stay hidden until it was time to switch places. Amber wanted what she thought was rightfully hers, Kendra's life and she wanted to make Kendra suffer for 'abandoning' her at the orphanage. What better way than to keep Kendra tied up and drugged in a dingy basement somewhere while she took over her life? Visit her daily wearing her clothes and her wedding ring and brag about sleeping with her husband until such time as she became 'disposable'? The pregnancy was another giveaway that the good twin would prevail. It would have been better to see Kendra unable to get pregnant and then see Amber get pregnant in her place while sleeping with her husband. Maybe even have Kendra escape and try to confront Amber in a psychotic, drug-induced rage, then being hauled away in cuffs while Amber, wearing Kendra's sexy nightwear, is comforted by Dane who is now convinced that the imposter is his real wife. I remember watching a movie called 'Echo' with Jack Wagner where a twin successfully takes over his brother's life and sleeps with his wife while the brother is forced to watch. It was a well-executed plot and the 'bad' twin prevailed. This movie could have been much more exciting and less predictable, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

Reviewed by delweb-90126 1 / 10 / 10

Good effort - could have been better

First off, vitamutatio posted an amazing summary that pretty much summarized my perspective on what should have happened. Nice premise, good 1st act but then Amber totally forgets to come up with an actual plan. She just acts in the moment and doesn't think about what will happen next. Like if Kendra actually does die, won't there be an issue with her taking her place? Seems like someone who is more than willing to stab others to death could plan for a kidnapping of Kendra or at least luring her to a remote location to get rid of her. That being said, I thought Lindsay did an excellent job as the lead and is the main reason to recommend the movie. She is compelling as Kendra and pulls off the "teacher of the year" persona but is just as believable as Amber. Amber is almost sympathetic early on but really you can't keep pulling for her once she kills Kendra's friend. The other main characters are solid and provide a good backdrop for Lindsay to shine. Probably a long shot but it felt like the ending could be a set up for a sequel. It would be great to see Amber beat the charges against her (honestly isn't there reasonable doubt by a jury about who did what?). Then she has the opportunity to do round 2 a lot smarter. Perhaps she causes a separation between Kendra and her husband which opens the door for her to more easily switch places. And/or Kendra's mother passes away (sorry) and leaves an inheritance which is additional motive and 1 less person she needs to convince. In any case, really enjoyed the movie despite the plot flaws. Hoping to see Lindsay in Killer Twins 2: Amber's Back or whatever her next Lifetime movie is.

Reviewed by caitlinthompson-03016 1 / 10 / 10

Oh No! Another Lifetime Movie!

Normally I rarely watch Lifetime movies. I decided to try watching this having nothing else that sounded interesting on my TV. But I have to ask, why are Lifetime movies so lame? Why would a sister who hadn't seen her twin since they were children in an orphanage just decide that she's going to go after her and ruin her life? It wasn't believable to me at all. You'd think being a twin she would want to reunite with her sister but instead she sets about trying to destroy her. There's just no real motive for doing that I thought, as I was halfway through the movie at that point. Plus the actress, (Lindsay Hartley) who played her, was miscast as this character. Not that she wasn't a good enough actress she was, but she was too attractive. To see this beautiful woman with thick long lustrous hair looking like she just stepped out of a hair commercial, viciously killing people who get in her way, just seemed a bit of a stretch for me. The twins played by the same actress looked more like a supermodel or an actress which in reality she is the latter. The casting director should have chosen someone a little plainer, it would have been more believable. And this is what I mean about Lifetime movies. They don't put a lot of thought or effort into characters or plot. Maybe the problem is they just don't have a big enough budget. All in all, a total waste of 2 hours I will never get back.

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