Killer Weekend



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October 28, 2020


Caitlin Keats as Marina
Michael Biehn as Joe Donan
Richard Gunn as Detective Bryce
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by solidabs 1 / 10 / 10


The acting was horrible. That main chick would have to pay dudes to screw her. She is uglier than a mud fence. This movie was bad. I hope noone paid for this garbage. SMFH

Reviewed by omendata 4 / 10 / 10

Poor Old Michael Has-Biehn

Well what can we say but how sad for all the good actors of yesteryear that they have to act in drivel like this - We can now add Michael Biehn to the expanding list of Lance Henriksen, John Cusack, Ron Perlman, Jean Reno who I have all seen recently in miserable, execrable, low budget crapola with their names at top billing for no other reason than to convince the cine-punters that perhaps the movie may be of some virtue. Biehn is literally in this movie for no reason whatsoever and by god he looks old and past his best, I didnt even recognise him; he looks like a washed out old alcoholic and his acting skills are as bad as the rest of the cast of this Turkeyburger and no mistake! Story could have been interesting...If it was interesting but it is not and it just meanders aimlessly to the inevitable conclusion and I was counting the minutes literally for when the aural and visual torture would be over! Another cinematic spud with a well known has-been actor thrown in to sell it to the great unwashed - I have watched it, endured the hour and half of mind numbing boredom for you so you can spend it more productively in making a pot of soup or mowing the garden which are eminently more favourable and interesting pursuits than wasting your time on this bargain bin effort!

Reviewed by cornz_1-1 4 / 10 / 10

Fairly mediocre fare.

Sat in a chair with a bad back so have time to kill and this film does that. Nothing more. Some shaky acting, some convoluted ideas. Dexter it ain't but if you see it in the petrol station dvd basket, grab a copy. Worse thing to spend £1.99 on.

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