Killing God


Comedy / Horror / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jquirke-587-970468 8 / 10 / 10

God's an atheist???

I saw this recently at the Leeds International Film Festival. Thoroughly enjoyable, this quirky comedy is actually rather inoffensive given the title. With such deep religious and moral undertones the movie does well not to take itself too seriously. While offbeat and occasionally gory, on the whole it is a genuinely unique and humorous offering. The film begins a bang, a scene which gives an unusual and shocking introduction to 'GOD', far from benevolent he's angry and in no mood for messing about. Cut to a spooky Spanish chateau on a stormy night and a miss matched husband and wife preparing dinner while they await the arrival of his father and brother for a holiday get together. Little do they all know they'll soon be entertaining another unexpected and ,as it turns out, unwanted guest. With flush of an upstairs toilet the direction of their night,the rest of their lives and, it seems, the small matter of the fate of humanity are thrown into chaos.

Reviewed by anzer-21081 / 10


A very good dark comedy, that explores the idea of a maltheist world would look like, recommend it.

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