Kim Ji-young: Born 1982



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by olgameidelina 8 / 10 / 10

An optimistic yet realistic story

The movie was beautiful. although it was a bit slow-paced, there were a lot of touching moments. throughout the movie you'll find yourself rooting for kim ji-young as she struggles to find herself in the midst of criticisms from her mother in-law. the movie was hopeful, but also had a realistic ending. as a woman myself, i felt very inspired after watching this.

Reviewed by g-87877 9 / 10 / 10

Speak for girls.

It is said that after the publication of the novel and the release of the film, the majority of south Korean men still launched an endless online abuse and boycott, so it is conceivable that in Asia, the status of women is so low that even though some people have awakened, most people still feel accustomed to it.Women's rights are not just a "METOO" movement. They are needed in every aspect of society, from the home to the workplace.I hope everyone, women can speak for themselves, and men can speak for women, as a talk show host urged on the program: if you keep silent and think it's not your business, then you are an accomplice.

Reviewed by natsuka_arei 9 / 10 / 10

You gotta watch it

I like this movie. Cinematic wise, it was awesome. Beautifully captured. Story wise, this was one hidden-gem just like The Parasite Movie (another must-watch Korean Movie). I think the story depicted on how 'woman' perceived in the Korean society/ Asian culture. It highlights several social issues for woman (career, dream, self-dependent, social/peer pressure, social expectation of 'what a good wife/good woman should be/act) by presenting us the life of Kim Ji-Young, young wife lived with her little daughter and husband. Throughout the story,the characters in it overcame the issues in quite realistic way that maybe some of us can relate to our actual life. After watching it, I feel empowered and satisfied.

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