Kingdom of Heaven


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Eva Green as Sarah Loreau
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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Clas Greve
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Pete-235 9 / 10 / 10

Best example of "See the Director's Cut"

Many of the reviews above I agree with, but I also saw the theatrical version and was very disappointed (6 out of 10). When the Director's Cut came out it was 45 minutes longer, so you fear the worst, MORE of the same. In this case, the story line is filled out and the motivations and characters are fleshed out. Eva Green went from, "why is she in this movie" with virtually no screen time and less dialog to a major character who moves the plot, as you would hope given her billing. The opening scenes in France are greatly expanded and meaningful. The action scenes are better, but not substantially. The Director's cut should have been the official version of the movie, the theatrical cut is a poor excuse.

Reviewed by andyk888 10 / 10 / 10

Masterpiece.. Just make sure you choose the DIRECTORS CUT

Firstly I think its important I mention that there are two Kingdom of Heaven's and that they are entirely different films. I first watched the theatrical version and whilst I loved the film, it was obvious that it was missing a fair bit of weight. The theatrical version is like a trailer for the directors cut, it shows most of the key bullet points yet it doesn't fill the holes nor does it do a good job at conveying the overarching morality of the characters and the plot. Kingdom of Heaven (DIRECTORS CUT) is without a doubt one of the most beautifully made and crafted films from the complex crusade era. It intertwines the wintry scenery of England with the barren aridness of Jerusalem and yet all the while you are not being influenced by the scenery but rather the morality of the characters who travel through Europe in search of their own purpose for life. Orlando Bloom nails his role as a broken hearted son who is given a 'second chance' by his high statued father. The director does very well at illustrating Orlando Blooms sin whilst making it clear to the viewer that this is a man who inherently would choose to make the world a better place. There are incredible cameo's from a host of lesser known actors (David Thewlis and Jeremy Ions) and Eva Green is absolutely captivating and layered in her Queen of Jerusalem role. The film is full of strong acting performances backed up by a very thoughtful script. There are some conversations between characters that will make you want to review the entire film again just to revisit the sheer poetry in the dialogue. I feel like the film does a very good job at sending the viewer back to an earlier time, and the costume/sets are outstanding. 10/10. Do not miss this epic. Just make sure it's the DIRECTORS CUT

Reviewed by Richie-67-485852 10 / 10 / 10

Yes to the Kingdom

Most satisfying story-telling of a high order presented with class, elegance and professionalism making for excellent viewing while one is glued to the screen. The lead actors play their parts well and the supporting cast along with the many extras go into it so that we would buy the story as presented. The Director gets a serious nod here as this was a film done on epic proportions and grandeur. No easy shoot and a fine addition to Ridley Scotts resume. Overall very impressive and I have seen it three times each time keeping me entertained. There is a directors cut that is worth purchasing for your library that includes quite a bit of footage not seen in the original and adds depth and meaning to movie at large. Location shoots were interesting to watch and I like the little slice of history they carved out here. Saladin is not talked about enough as he was a major player back then in what took place as was King Richard the lion heart and many others. The Christianity presented in this movie was raw, edgy and belligerent something that needs to be told. People forget that the changes Christ talked about come from the realms of Spirit and Truth and not from this world. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you and it will make you in HIS image if activated and pursued. We see otherwise here. Good movie to have a full meal while watching and a tasty drink with snack on standby as it is 2.5 hours and longer for the special cut. Please enjoy this little gem and may it affect you for the better.

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