Kingsman: The Golden Circle


Action / Adventure / Comedy

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Channing Tatum as Shawn MacArthur
Halle Berry as Patience Phillips / Catwoman
Julianne Moore as Gloria
Taron Egerton as Robin of Loxley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moviesmq 1 / 10 / 10

What a disappointment

I loved the first Kingsman movie. It was full of action, fun, jokes and the actors did a great job. I came into this movie theater hoping to delight myself with a sequel that would at least match the first installment. As soon as the first scene came on the screen, I knew I had been fooled and it would end up being some of the most dreadful 2 hours in my movies watching history! I was right. This movie might have some actions but every moment is "telephoned" long in advance. The story is absolutely stupid. I wish it would be possible to request a full refund when a movie is that bad and that each refund is counted towards its overall success/failure. It is not fair that people are getting paid with my money receiving millions of dollars for such a poor performance. The day this option becomes possible we might finally see some serious work being done in the movie industry!

Reviewed by Przemyslaw Orawiec 3 / 10 / 10

Massive dissapoinment

I was really dissapointed with this movie right from the beginning. It's very over the top and went from an iconic action movie to sci-fi/comedy/action film with poor storyline. I don't know what the director was thinking. It was painful to watch.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 3 / 10 / 10

Matthew makeths a mess.

The original Kingsman movie was a finely tuned comic-book adventure that presented OTT violence and astonishing action set pieces galore, all with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. For his sequel, director Matthew Vaughn attempts to give us more of the same, only bigger and louder, but fails on almost every level. There's way too much CGI. From the opening car chase, to the ridiculous robot dogs, to the stupid cable car scene, The Golden Circle suffers from far too much unconvincing digital trickery. The film panders to the American market by introducing the US equivalent of The Kingsman, Southern secret agents The Statesman. The first film possessed a wholly British charm; this one doesn't, and suffers greatly for it. Julianne Moore. Superb actress, but totally miscast as the film's villain, drug baron Poppy. Bringing back Colin Firth as a confused lepidopterist was a really bad move. From badass to befuddled butterfly collector. Why bother? And what was the point of Halle Berry as wannabe Statesman Ginger? She is given absolutely nothing of interest to do throughout the entire film. Worst of all, we have Sir Elton John, not in a brief cameo (THAT, I might have forgiven), but in several supposedly funny scenes so utterly diabolical that they simply have to be seen to be believed. Kingsman 3 had better be Elton free...

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