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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by futuristnicole-65480 10 / 10 / 10

Wonderfully story

Wonderful story and actors you could really feel the emotions of the characters. The movie is a pleasureful watch, I really recommend watching it.

Reviewed by pipo- 9 / 10 / 10

You probably have to be very open minded.

I was looking for the 'koko red dog' movie, and came across this, I thought it was a new one out so I didn't even read the plot LOL. Story was poor to be honest, gold digger girlfriend dumps him, he eventually finds out a dog is a better companion and will stick with him no matter how bad, then he sees on TV a Obama speech now that marriage is no longer defined as a man and women - so it triggers something in his mind and he figures why not... Movie was very basic, just a handful of actors, it had poor audio , camera work was decent (no shaky cam), the editing was terrible we have some scenes with no audio, some abrupt scene cuts or camera angle changes lol, the acting was 'decent' enough to believe them. I don't think it's worth a watch or spending money on, it was somewhat entertaining, I thought the back story was way too long and we didn't really get to see why the dog was so special except it ran over to him in the dog shelter which probably any dog would do to get out of that situation...also clearly koko is actually a male dog, even though he keeps calling it a she... 5/10 for an indie movie it was watchable but mistakes are very noticeable, clearly beginner work with little to no script to work off, I am unsure how they spent $268,000 on this in my opinion it could of been made under 20k, perhaps with the kind of script it had attached they had to pay some actors extra lol

Reviewed by Timmie811 9 / 10 / 10

Different take

This is a pretty unusual film in terms of its premise. But it does a good job going through the back story of the main character Randy, which is where the film pretty much is made or broken.

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