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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mathias Nagy (rocdoc2004) 9 / 10 / 10

A surprisingly fun adventure I now wish I didn't reject years ago

I just watched Krull for the first time and all I can say is wow, that was fun! I remember seeing this movie in the video store years ago and I simply got turned off by the learning from the cover that it was a mix of fantasy and scifi, a mix I foolishly thought could never work (or would work badly). I venture to guess maybe other fantasy (or scifi) purists might think the same, but if you do, you will be denying yourself a really entertaining adventure film. The fact is, this movie is really 95% pure fantasy adventure. Gather a party, overcome obstacles, save the world from a powerful foe and get the girl. Some of the fantasy scenes were really inspiring - for example, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole "woman in the web" scene. If you're a purist, just think of the big bad guy as a Demon Lord or some such thing and the whole mixed-genre problem melts away. The cinematography was mostly A class with a few obvious B-grade sets, but on the most part, it helped make this film as a sweeping epic adventure. That and an entertaining storyline of course. The action, actors and acting started off quite B-grade, but things seemed to improve in the first half hour. The later addition of some classic young faces such as Liam Neeson and Alun Armstrong was a pleasant surprise that increased my engagement with the movie. In fact, it really did get better and better as the story progressed. At least it helped in the odd weak moment when the dialogue didn't quite work. By the middle of Krull, all the way to the end, it developed into a sweeping fantasy adventure that was really a lot of fun to watch. It's now an easy addition to my list of top 10 family fun (adventure) flicks. So do yourself a favour, watch this and enjoy Krull with the family. I'm glad I finally had the chance to do just that.

Reviewed by vmalast 5 / 10 / 10

Please, no more ratings for customer service reviews

I've soon discovered that quite a few good, bad and indifferent movie reviews are based only on customer service. I come here to read reviews, not weather or not the movie was delivered in a timely fashion or, weather or not the cover art was to someone's liking. Why does IMDb use these rants to rate a movie. As to not be one of those as mentioned above, this movie is fun, if all you want to do is waist some time

Reviewed by Agent_Russ 5 / 10 / 10

Oh dear

Oh dear. Is the best statement about this film. It's common to view films through a rose tinted filter when re-watching years later. Although I remember this being liked at the time its one of few fantasy films from the 80's I hadn't seen back then one so this review is based upon a single recent viewing - sorry Krull but you were pretty bad. I would say watch it if you particularly want to see very early roles for Liam Neeson, Robbie Coltrane, Todd Carty but a YouTube clip maybe better than watching the whole film. If the bad guys with laser guns (that shoot out of their swords) just shot from range all the time the good guys would not have stood a chance but fortunately for them though for some in explicable reason these technologically advanced aliens only shoot a few times then close the range and used the guns as swords! Oh and they also ride horses. The story plays out a bit like one of our role playing adventures when we were kids, where you journey for a bit, find one dead end, then journey some more and find another before a mad rush to the treasure at the end - in this case the princess. Watch it for a bit of nostalgia, young stars and to thank the stars films are not like this anymore but don't expect the special effects to be anywhere near as good as Return of the Jedi from the same year or even as good as other fantasy films like Conan and the Dark Crystal made the year before.

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