Kung Fu Panda 2


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Angelina Jolie as Rose Littleton
Gary Oldman as Rev. Arthur Dimmesdale
Lucy Liu as Sio
Seth Rogen as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aaronx47 10 / 10 / 10

Po's Fist Hungers for Justice, I Hunger for More Po

"Kungfu Panda 2" is an excellent sequel to an excellent preceding film and a truly fun film to experience with your family and friends. It is as enjoyable as watching through the first time, maybe even better. Here, the elements from the first film are improved and crafted for this sequel to create a wonderful, stunning, and memorable adventure that will surely entertain all its audiences and leave them hungry for more Po. The plot of this movie is much more enveloping than that of the first film. Po, now the Dragon Warrior is a hero protecting the citizens of China with his fellow friends, the Furious Five, as well as his master, Master Shifu. But then, a threat endangers all of China as well and threatens the existence of Kungfu. This threat is organized by the peacock, Lord Shen, who is after the destruction of China, and the extinction of Kungfu. Now Po, the Kungfu Panda, with the Furious Five, are determined to stop Lord Shen from destroying China and the existence of Kungfu, despite that Lord Shen has designed a very powerful weapon (something like a catapult). But doing so takes Po into learning the truth about the past, about who his parents are, and about who he is. "Panda 2" is also the first "Panda" film to be shown in 3D, which wasn't quite bad. Depth was practically conspicuous throughout the film and is certainly not a bad choice in how to enjoy this film. "Kungfu Panda 2" is definitely a film worth watching in 3D. With a more threatening premise, and the addition of 3D, "Panda 2" also improves on the action scenes. The fighting scenes were very entertaining and should keep kids and adults hooked. The animation movements and CGI in "Kungfu Panda 2" are also excellent and awesome. The backgrounds, and the setting are all very detailed and the complex movements of the characters are simply perfect. Bravo! Another element welcome to the "Panda" movies is romance. In this movie, Po will start to have a relationship with another creature (No, I won't tell who he had it with). Speaking of relationships, the movie will also get emotional as Po begins to discover the truth about his past. Humor plays an essential role in this film and will leave you laughing in your seats. I think the jokes here can give you more laughs than the jokes from the first film. "Kungfu Panda 2" will definitely keep you laugh your head off. Apart from all these, I was also amazed in how they could use a peacock as a skilled martial arts creature. At first, I thought, how could they use a peacock, full of feathers, as a martial arts villain. Then "Kungfu Panda 2" revealed it all and I was stunned by their work in crafting a feathery bird, into a dangerous, and ruthless villain. In terms of recommendation, I would recommend this movie to all ages. The humor will appeal to little children, as well as older audiences alike, and the fighting scenes will appeal to teenagers, or and older audience. 3D is definitely worth it for experiencing this film. After analyzing the box office performance of "Kungfu Panda 2", I feel pitiful for the movie, especially when Dreamworks have crafted a wonderful and amazing film for audiences to enjoy. I do hope that the box office performance of the film rebounds and becomes a great hit in the box office world. I also do hope that this movie will be successful enough for the sake of "Panda 3". So yes. Po's fist hungers for justice. But I hunger for more Po! Prince AJB's Rating: 10/10 (Excellent) Thank you for reading my review on "Kungfu Panda 2". I hope my review is useful for you.

Reviewed by leohashikurapoop 9 / 10 / 10

my chinese friend

My chinese freidn was born where po from the movie was born :) I love that fact makes it so much cooler anbd better

Reviewed by Animated Antic 9 / 10 / 10

A movie with both good comedy and drama.

The first "Kung Fu Panda" was a big surprise for moviegoers around the world. Critics and audiences, including myself, really enjoyed it's enjoyable martial arts story, beautiful animation and brilliantly developed characters. So when DreamWorks announced a sequel, I actually got very eager to see it. I went into the film very excited and walked out extremely satisfied because "Kung Fu Panda 2" is a very good sequel that steps up everything that made the first film work. It's one of those films that makes the story, characters and animation better. The dragon warrior Po (Jack Black) and his fellow kung fu master the Furious Five (respectively played by Angelina Jolie, David Cross, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, and Jackie Chan) have been protecting the Valley of Peace from enemies for some time now. Little do they know that the evil Lord Shen (Gary Oldman) has returned to  Gongmen City in order to test his newest weapon used from modified fireworks to seek revenge after he was banished by his parents for exterminating the panda population in order to avert a prophecy predicted about him. When the kung fu team's teacher Master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman) receives the news of the return of Shen, he sends the team to the city to defeat the evil Lord and protect the art of kung fu. Along the way, Po is trying to discover his origins along with the mystery with his real parents. After this, we receive some very funny and emotional moments resulting a pretty fantastic movie. This is one of those sequels that does the proper approach that a sequel should do which continue the story from the first. The film simply doesn't repeat the first story but rather tell a different story. Speaking of the story in this film, it's pretty fantastic. I loved how this movie is able to balance both the comedic and emotional moments very well without making the film feeling like it had to much or even to little. The film once again dove into the philosophy and art of martial arts like the first film did and also added new elements involving inner peace which I found fascinating. The animation once again is beautiful. Director Jennifer Yuh Nelson knew how to tell it's story through it's colors very well with the film having a very heavy focus on the color red during evil moments of the film and calming green colors during quieter moments. I also liked that the flashback scenes in the movie were told through 2D animation which is something that I always love to watch. The characters are also fantastic as well. The reason why is because they're properly developed and given more character and don't act like jerks throughout the movie, particularly Po's relationship to the Furious Five. The villain, Lord Shen, is one of the best villains that DreamWorks has ever created. He has a fantastic backstory and a very deviously evil plot, but they also manage to give him some very good comedic moments. As far as flaws, the movie does feel like it did run a little too long and some of the scenes could have been cut a little bit shorter, but that's really about it. "Kung Fu Panda 2" is a very good sequel that makes everything that worked in the first film better with a very good story, some great animation, and well developed characters. I wonder where DreamWorks will go from here when they do a sequel because based on the end of the film, this might go somewhere exciting. I surely hope that it does.

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