Lady and the Tramp


Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 106,817


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April 13, 2019



Bill Thompson as Jock / Bull - the Bull Terrier / Policeman at Zoo / Dachsie / Joe
Mel Blanc as Bugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Porky Pig / Yosemite Sam / Sylvester / Sylvester, Jr. / Speedy Gonzales / Tweety / Genie / Hassan / Big Bad Wolf / Beanstalk Giant / Elvis Gorilla / Stork
Peggy Lee as Darling / Si / Am / Peg
Verna Felton as Dowager
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by datautisticgamer-74853 9 / 10 / 10

The definitive Disney film for dog lovers

My aunt requested that we view this film today. After the dissatisfaction I had with One Hundred and One Dalmatians not too long ago, I was concerned that Disney wouldn't actually have an abundance of stand-out titles during its supposed Golden Age. So why is this my favorite of that era? The animation doesn't just capture a small town in New England pristinely from a dog's perspective: it incorporates textures such as mud that look surprisingly more real than even some modern CGI depictions of mud. That, coupled with the spot on character designs and environments, makes this what I consider landmark for Disney in the 1950s. I was genuinely pleased at how Lady isn't actually pompous despite having been realistically spoiled for most of her youth, as well as going through what I imagine a lot of strays (like my own dog Albert once was) endure prior to their arrival at the infamous pounds. I wasn't too drawn in by Tramp's more rebellious nature, but it soon dawned that considering what lied across this movie, he indeed knew what was best, and that is a sign of noble story writing. I also felt a bit of sympathy for Aunt Sarah for not knowing Si and Am's malicious nature and for not initially understanding the circumstances as to why Jim Jr.'s crib collapsed. I really liked Bella Notte, and I felt a bit emotional during the pound singing; it reminded me of why the pound just isn't a place for dogs to be. The story has masterful humor and more effective appeal to dog lovers (at least, I find) than the films before it and most certainly after. It's real refreshing considering modern Disney believes that the main appeal to dog lovers comes from making MORE. BUDDIES. MOVIES. But alas, I found the story top tier overall. If you like animation, Disney, dogs, or 50s films, you will find something pleasing about viewing this film. For anyone else, please do go see it. I cannot imagine another Disney movie so far being as appealing to those who like dogs as this, so do view it at some point.

Reviewed by Jesper Brun 7 / 10 / 10

Cute one, but a little forgettable.

There are two things about Lady and the Tramp which I remembered before I watched again here in my early 20's: the famous spaghetti scene which is one of the sweetest romantic scenes ever portrayed in an animated movie. It is just iconic and unforgettable. When Lady meets the Siamese cats is also pretty funny. I have always found them a little weird, but I guess that is what makes me remember them. But that was quite it. It surprised me how much I didn't remember from the movie. That must be the explanation why I have not rated it higher. But I think that the fact that the movie is made from a dog's perspective is what makes it charming. And if you are a dog person, you will like Lady and the Tramp.

Reviewed by leplatypus 7 / 10 / 10

Back to basics (dad)

Actually, being 40, i don't catch the Disney virus : so far, from the 56 existing Disney Classic Animated features, i have reviewed 5 and as a kid, i watched 5 others… So, i watch 1 Disney every 4 years ! This one belongs to my Dad collection and i had - not a fabulous but a good - time with it : the first thing i noticed was that the restoration is amazing as the animation is incredibly clear with superb colors… Next it's evident that the movie Garfield just steals and copies the ideas of following pets living in a same neighborhood, their way they deal with their human owners and their intrepid journey to discover what is the town beyond their front yard ! With only 73 minutes, it was the ideal duration for me because it's enough, all the more than I skip every song (never understand why animations should need those anyway). Unlike some sad ethnic hypertrophied ego, i don't find the feature racist with the Siamese cats ! However i found the message of the movie to be a bit bleak as the free tramp finally gets happy to have a collar ! Sure he has found a great love as well but emancipation is also essential !

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