Lake Alice


Action / Horror

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December 12, 2020



Brando Eaton as Tyler Patterson
Laura Niemi as Natalie Thomas
Peter O'Brien as Greg Thomas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by davey184 2 / 10 / 10

Unbelievably predictable

I have never seen such a poor, so called horror film, lots of over the top screaming and very little action or story line. Very predictable victims and very predictable assassins. A child of 11 could create a better script.The film only lasts 75 minutes and believe me, that is the only good point. If you have an hour and a quarter to spare, do not use it watching this movie. You will regret it.

Reviewed by MoviesRT 2 / 10 / 10

Lamest I've seen in a while

I love to watch horror flicks, but sadly 99% are really bad. This one is not only bad, but the acting and dialogue is so stupid you start to feel sorry for the actors. Right from the start I felt like the characters were badly defined, but I kept at it thinking it would get better. Sadly, it only got worse. I'm not sure how movies like this get the funding and actually make it to the theaters. Must be someone they know in Hollywood. The actors appeared out of place and distracted the whole way through this disaster. Every character looked like they couldn't understand what they were supposed to do. Almost like they were embarrassed by what they were saying and doing. Nothing in this made sense. The plot, the dialogue, even the reveal of who were the killers. I can't believe I even stayed to the very end to see a final "twist" because that didn't make much sense either. There were several good reviews for this, but they must have been people involved in the production because no one in their right mind would consider this anything more than a very poor student film. Almost laughable, but instead you feel pity for the actors. I wasn't going to write a review at first, but thought maybe I could save someone a few hours of wasted time. Take heed and stay away. The only horror is how bad it's done.

Reviewed by ilikeyourshirt 2 / 10 / 10

Waste of time

Wow, I really have no idea what movie some of the positive reviewers were watching here. This movie that clocks in at barely 80mins was painful to get through. Awkward acting, terrible editing...just bad all round. Firstly the "action" really doesn't begin until about 65 minutes into the film at which point you're thinking to yourself "when is everything going to happen?, "At what point are people going to start dying?" By the time this does start occurring, you really don't care. I personally WANTED these unlikable characters to die.. The editing in the last 30 minutes...will make you care even less about the outcome, characters pop in and out at different environments, even for a horror, I was like "how the hell did they get here?" "Characters act more moronically than they usually would in a horror, and that's saying something. The poster of this movie looked great, hence my reason for watching it...but as the saying goes, 'Don't judge a book by its cover' this case, the cover is way better than the content. As for spoilers...whatever you do, don't read the IMDb "Storyline" it essentially gives away the "big reveal" and I'm assuming the viewers who watched this movie and stated it was an unpredictable ending, hadn't read this...not that one really needs to, to guess who the killer may be.

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