Lake Placid 2


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Cloris Leachman as Ruth Popper
John Schneider as Ken Sharp
Sam McMurray as Jack Struthers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stephenabell 3 / 10 / 10

How Not To Make A Sequel And Cash In On The Original Success.

Oh, My GOD!!! How to take a dump on a decent film. After the successfulness of the first flick it was inevitable a sequel would rear its ugly head... and boy is it ugly. I originally watched this on its DVD release, though I must have forced myself to forget how bad the story and film really are. I can't even say which is the worst as just about everything about this stinks, like a swamp in summer. The story is pretty lame and even though there were officials on the scene in the original, for some reason those events appear to have been covered up as everybody believes it was an urban myth. Even when they are presented with the facts they don't want to believe. Then there's the acting which is dire to say the best. Though I've never rated John Schneider (Sheriff Riley) to be a great actor I did believe he was better than in this movie. I'm not sure if Flores was going for camp characters or not, but he failed if he was. The worst accent award goes to Sam McMurray (Struthers) his Irish Lilt was cringeworthy. Even the likes of Cloris Leachman (Sadie Bickerman) couldn't lift this out of the silt at the bottom of the lake. To be honest, it was the supporting cast that was probably the best actors in the whole thing. Though I have to say, it could have been the director's fault for the characterisations, as he does call the shots. Take the teenage rebels. If they were wrote this unrealistically by Hurvitz and Miller it should have been Flores duty to make them more believable. He failed. These are basically your standard stereotypical bad-boys. Though I wasn't sure if this was supposed to be a parody of the genre and a joke in itself. Since the rest of the film is rubbish it's hard to differentiate. Then there's the CGI. Okay, so this was back in 2007 but it's still no excuse for some of the animation. There's a lot of no thought gone into the making of this film and most are in the CGI scenes. There are way too many scenes where the "dinner" is in shallow water but somehow giant crocodile swims up out of the deep... These crocs are also adept at pulling their prey from the shore or jetty. Not sure how they do it... maybe their tongues have evolved into something similar to frogs... This is a bad film... and I usually love bad films. However, this has nothing good to recommend it to anyone. If you've watched the first Lake Placid, then I would advise you to watch that one again. Even if it's the hundredth viewing, you'll still get more enjoyment from that film than this.

Reviewed by Uriah43 10 / 10 / 10

The Lack of Seriousness Affected the Movie as a Whole

This movie begins with two people who work for the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in a boat collecting water samples on Lake Placid. Suddenly, one of the men is snatched off of the boat with only bits and pieces of him remaining in the blood-stained water. The second man immediately rushes to the local constabulary, "Sheriff Riley" (John Schneider) who initially treats it as a big joke. However, when the mortician produces the remains of the body the sheriff then decides to take it a little more seriously and heads out to the lake to investigate. Also with him is the EPA official and a woman named "Emily" (Sarah Lafleur) who works for the Fish and Wildlife Department. While Sheriff Riley is investigating his teenage son, "Scott" (Chad Collins) also heads out to the lake with a young woman named "Kerri" (Alicia Ziegler) and a few of her friends who plan on camping out and having a good time. What nobody realizes is that there are several enormous crocodiles in the area who have obtained a fondness for human meat in the last 2 years and are always eager for more. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this film had good potential. Unfortunately, the low-key and nonchalant manner which the characters displayed during the entire film really affected the movie as a whole. It sometimes seemed like the director (David Flores) was trying to play a big joke on the audience but for some odd reason withheld any discernible humor or punch line. Whatever the case, the lack of seriousness took a toll and resulted in a movie that appeared to be merely going through the motions. Again, this film had potential--but it simply wasn't realized. Consequently, I rate it as slightly below average.

Reviewed by jacobjohntaylor1 10 / 10 / 10

I suppose It seems like a terrible movie. To people who would not know a good monster movie if there life depended on it

This one of the scariest monster movies ever made. The first Lake Placid was good movie. But this one was better. It was scarier. It has great acting. It also has great story line. It also has great special effects. Some people at lake in the country side battle with killer crocodiles. If you do not like this movie it is your business. But it is not my problem. Nor is the problem of the cast and crew you all did a great job. John Schneider is a great actor. This is one of the best horror movies ever. If you do not get scared of this movie. Then you will not be scared by any movie. It would be bad movie to people who don't like monster movies. Sarah L.a.f.l.e.u.r is a great actress. Sam M.c.M.u.r.r.a.y is a great actor.

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