Lane 1974


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ericozu 10 / 10 / 10

a quiet cinematic success

Maybe there's not a lot of room out there for something rather "classic" like this. It reminds me of some good French cinema; very unAmerican. Think ontological realism. I'm a person who happens to like films in which not much happens on the surface. No great plot here. But this is a very honest film about lost childhood. The young actress is superb and this filmmaker has taken their time to see through a humble, careful, quiet vision. It's how life is lived. I was mesmerized and even moved by this atypical look at a "coming of age" of a sort.

Reviewed by Pierre Marivaux 10 / 10 / 10

Amazingly beautiful film.

There are two related things that make this an amazing movie: One is the director's ability to capture Sophia Mitri Schloss' great performance as a child who grows up in various communes in the 1970's. It is difficult trick to create a continual set of images that provide an immediate and profound connection to a single character's emotional state. Somehow, SJ Chiro manages do this in such a way that one always feels deeply connected to Lane's emotions. The second is the film's amazing aesthetic sensibility. Every shot is a kind of beautiful tableau, often of the protagonist in a natural setting. This is not for its own sake: Even though the film contains a lot of sadness and instability, there is always the sense that each scene is connected to the richness of Lane's own sensory and emotional experiences, that her own intense sensory perceptions transcend the various forms of loss that she experiences. You may leave with the sense that your own sense of empathy and emotional receptiveness has been heightened by this beautiful film.

Reviewed by kolnoaMograbi 10 / 10 / 10

captured the essence of Hypocrisy of Disco elegantly

Just watched it. Bought it on iTunes. Worth every shekel. Lane's mother was exactly as I'd imagined her from the book, and the actress who played Lane nailed it. The character Tom Starchild was a perfect parody of himself, a la YouTube star awakenWithJP. I don't understand why they decided to make Lane's mother Catholic, as the real Helene Resnikoff was Jewish, which is not simply a coincidence, as Jews were disproportionately represented in the counterculture. Regardless, HOD fans won't be disappointed. Tremendous.

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