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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by silvasiembra 10 / 10 / 10

Plastic lives within a fire prone economy

This film captures the reality of a rich life controlled by the lust of the flesh. The director did an excellent job weaving the elements of money, judgmental mindsets, arrogance, pride, and the characteristics of vanity. The all too perfect lives stitched up with fake and deceptive threads of life. I cannot forget to mentioned the addictive vices and the wondering if you are a good person or parent surrounded by a circle of opportunist friends. I thought the coming out of the public restroom scene summed it up well. It seems that money sets you up to selfishly desires what you want no matter who you hurt. This movie confirms Victor Hugo's quote, "Adversity creates men; Prosperity creates monsters." Yet, everyone deserves a true friend despite of who you are. I hope people will watch this flick for what it really signifies.... the sad reality of a prosperous life.

Reviewed by f. baez 10 / 10 / 10

Vacuous film about the idle class; it could have made a strike, but missed it.

What could have been an interesting societal study of a change of elites in the times of crisis (the falling down of Sofía De Garay's status and the rising of Ana Paola Haddad's) is lost as the characters, true to the selves of Mexican upper class, are too frivolous to understand the reality they live in. And the film does not go beyond that limited look of things. Yes, old banking and manufacturing families went down in the crisis of 1982-88, and others -notably the mogul Carlos Slim, well portrayed as Mr. Haddad- made millions and millions, but the process was not as swift and shallow as the movie makes it be. Acting is good, production is nice, pace is slow and the whole film ends up to (almost) nothing.

Reviewed by ali-hamid-yahya 10 / 10 / 10

Great film

Acting is great, production is good, sound is wonderful and the story reminds me of the good old times.

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