Last Girl Standing

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Greenzombidog 5 / 10 / 10

Predictable but mildly entertaining.

Last girl standing starts with the ending of a slasher film. We see the final girl of a slashers bloody aftermath dispatch the killer and escape with her life. We then pick up a few years later where the girl has become an unsociable and quite unlikeable social outcast. Distancing herself from everyone at work until the handsome new slacker guy arrives and oddly takes a liking to her. He then tries to integrate her into his circle of friends, just as things start to happen that could mean the return of the antler headed murderer from the intro. My main problem with this film is that the lead character is so poorly written and unlikeable as well as being obviously bats**t crazy. So crazy in fact that you can guess the ending at least 20 minutes into the movie. The one member of the group of friends who points this out is ignored because she's quite obviously the bitch character, but I still liked her more than the main girl. In fact everyone in the movie is more likable than our heroine. I can't understand why they keep her around, maybe its because batsh**t crazy is the one stereotype not yet taken in the group. The film is well made, well directed and it also has a pretty cool soundtrack. The gore scenes at the beginning and towards the end are really well done, with what looks like mostly if not all practical effects. I really wanted to like this movie more than I did. I think maybe I was just hoping for more because I liked the premise of the movie so much. Hopefully someone else can take this idea and make a better movie.

Reviewed by ASouthernHorrorFan 6 / 10 / 10

My Review of "Last Girl Standing"

Benjamin R. Moody's story is a dark, cynical next chapter in the final girl persona. Although the film starts with a strong, gory opening it soon turns to Indie driven character study with lofty amounts of solemn atmosphere. The cast get into their characters and for the most part give strong performances. They play up the quirky but familiar stereotypes nicely. "Last Girl Standing" goes into a deep drama mode after the first scenes, but it is an evenly paced, tense rise to a bloody climax. The special effects are worth watching the film. It is bloody, and gory and brutal. It has all the elements of giallo, grindhouse, and splatter gore neatly tied up in one hell of a bloody third act. The middle moves toward atmospheric, and macabre thriller, but the story is strong, and the blood is gore is in your face. Definitely a big plus for "Last Girl Standing". I do think the suspense and intensity could have contained more power, but whateve, all in all this is a good, indie American giallo horror that most indie fans will dig.

Reviewed by scythertitus 6 / 10 / 10

Standing Still

I'll start off by saying that this isn't a bad movie, it is very detail orientated and the camera work is highly immersive to where you get to feel for the main character and can enjoy most of her struggle. The problem is that in this immersion we are given very little to actually identify with in the character, who is literally only defined by her one traumatic experience that the movie opens up with, we learn nothing else about her or who she is. This means that the film never really rises above a certain level and could have done with an extra few minutes in the beginning to give us some idea of who this girl was before everything happened to her. Aside from this there are some problems in terms of pacing and story since the movie takes a painful amount of time to show the audience what it already knows, or at least highly suspects. This wouldn't be so bad if it all then paid off in some unexpected way, but it mostly goes the same way as any psychological drama in this vein and ends with the same conclusions that have been gone over many times before. I will say that the third act is executed very well despite its predictable nature and there are definite moments where this film shows that it has potential, it is just overall too basic and shallow in meaning to really get beyond a certain level. Overall this film has some definite strengths and is worth a watch due to its camera work, acting and directing. With other eyes on the writing this concept could have been executed better, but it needs more fleshed out characters and a slightly less tired plot to have matched up with the style it possesses. I still enjoyed it but it is hard to recommend because it is not enough drama or horror to specifically appeal to fans of either genre and both will probably find it lacking unless they have very particular tastes.

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