Lay the Favorite


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Bruce Willis as Carl Roebuck
Laura Prepon as Karla / wife
Rebecca Hall as Tina
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by napierslogs 5 / 10 / 10

Tried to turn an unbelievable true story into a fun ride but forgot about the stupidity

"Lay the Favorite" has many dissenters, most complaining that it's completely unbelievable. It's true, it is. Beth (Rebecca Hall) is a ditzy bimbo who quits her job as a stripper and moves to Las Vegas to become a cocktail waitress. A great idea! Instead, as soon as she arrives, she gets a very lucrative job as a sports bettor for a bookie who isn't a bookie since bookmaking is illegal. She's a genius with numbers and words. She's also capable of getting guys to do whatever they think she wants. They need to do the thinking since she's too dumb to even know what she wants. The kicker to this story of an over-sexed, ditzy bimbo, numbers genius, sports-betting millionaire, is that it's a true story. I decided to watch the YouTube video of the real Beth Raymer reading from her memoir which this film is based on to see if Hall accurately captured her varying characteristics. And she did. She does the hair twirl and the dumb girl giggle as she describes the kings of sports gambling giving her job after job after job. I'm one of the few who liked Rebecca Hall in this. So different from her usual indie fare. She has to ooze sex and play beautiful even though she has never really been described that way before. But in order to like this movie at all, you need to care about this floozy. Other than her ridiculous free ride through life, nothing really interesting happens to her. Her first job in Vegas is with Dink (Bruce Willis) who owns Dink Inc. She loves him, he loves her … mind? Yeah, right. Apparently he does. So when she gets herself in trouble along with a nice, smart successful guy (Joshua Jackson) who doesn't seem to mind throwing his life away for her, he comes to the rescue. Personally, I found Hall's sexy naiveté and Willis' extreme gambling entertaining enough to keep watching. However, the movie doesn't seem to play the unfortunate reality that this is a true story for laughs. When there's a story too unbelievable to be true then you should be making fun of everybody who allowed it to occur, instead the film just wanted the audience to go along for a fun ride. It is somewhat fun, it's also very unbelievable, and ultimately, pretty stupid. Who Might Like This: Anybody who likes seeing ditzy bimbos succeed in life; people who like watching unbelievably true stories; fans of Rebecca Hall.

Reviewed by Floated2 8 / 10 / 10

Wasn't Funny or Dramatic enough

Lay the Favorite stars Rebecca Hall as an ex-stripper and Bruce Willis as an ageing Las Vegas bookie. But nothing comes good in the script. It is as flat and the writing is noticeable. We can now see why the film was not shown wide in America. The affection between Beth and Dink feels a lot more genuine, with Willis delivering a finely tuned performance. Hall bounces off him with comically goggle-eyed expressions but she comes across more clumsy than needed. This film is listed as a comedy and drama but it really is neither funny, nor it is as dramatic as one should be for a sports betting film. It is also utterly predictable, specifically its ending.

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 8 / 10 / 10

Fun and adorable flick!

What a fun flick! In Lay the Favorite, Rebecca Hall shows off her acting chops by playing a character she never usually plays. From England, Rebecca usually plays a strong, self-sufficient woman, and in this comedy, she plays a gum-chewing, low-class bimbo from Florida who falls for a married gambler. She's never been prettier, and in my opinion, she's never been more likable. With her curls bouncing as much as her personality, Rebecca finds herself lap-dancing in Las Vegas with dreams no higher than becoming a cocktail waitress. She meets for master gambler Bruce Willis and goes to work for him in his bookie joint. While she develops feelings for him, he's merely enamored with her work talents-after all, he is married to the beautiful and jealous Catherine Zeta-Jones! Depending on how well you know your date-and whether or not he's married-this would be an adorable film to rent for a cute date night. It's funny, sassy, interesting, and Rebecca does a great job. I liked her so much in Lay the Favorite that I didn't realize it was the same actress I had seen in other, completely different roles! She and Bruce have a darling rapport together, and you'll find yourself rooting for them despite your better judgment.

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