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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by omendata 4 / 10 / 10


This one tries to be more than the sum of its parts - It copies many other films...badly. First off , it tries ever so hard to make the bad guys as bad as the cowpunch killer in "No Country For Old Men" and for a moment it almost succeeded but the film has a very incoherent storyline right from the beginning and soon descends into chaos. Then we emerge into a sort of Rambo style Cliffhanger scenario being hunted in the wilderness which really descends into farce especially when the ever so evil killer of hundreds of men, women, children decides to become a nice guy and leave the usually magnificent actor Mandylor alive and give Goss a chance - c'mon guys what was that all about? I am also confused; was he Goss's brother from another mother? as that is what comes across in their interplay; maybe I was just losing interest and missed something; not difficult I have to admit. Contrary to the other reviewers I have always found Goss to be quite an accomplished actor but I am afraid he is miscast in this one and Magnificent Mandylor is wasted on this thriller-mish-mash!

Reviewed by paveriii 3 / 10 / 10

Much Better than expected

I found this movie to be pretty good for this genre, especially knowing it was a lower budget movie. There were some interesting plot twists with the adopted son of a drug dealer being the target of a wickedly evil assassin, Roberto Sanchez, who definitely looked the part. Trying to find and protect someone who is on a hunting trip and being hunted had some of the same general themes as the old Burt Reynolds "Deliverance" movie. Luke Goss gives a strong performance in his lead role and the rest of the cast was solid, starting with the exceptional Louis Mandylor and including the relatively unknown actors that played key roles like the son, the sheriff, the deputy and others. The plot was not as predictable as I anticipated, and while there were no Oscar-worthy performances, it was an enjoyable film that I would highly recommend to those who like suspenseful "stalking killer" action dramas. Again, for a lower budget movie, I'd say well done!

Reviewed by TopDawgCritic 3 / 10 / 10

Flip a coin to decide if the directing or writing was worse than the other

Ughh... 98 minutes of slow, dragged out and unnecessary scenes. Lame 80's action scenes/shots. Dumbed-down dialogue and storytelling. Plot and technical issues galore. Pacing slower than a snail. Was an editor even hired for this film? Typical B-grade overbearing and annoying score. Even the sound was off, as I had trouble making out some of the dialogue, particularly from Goss. Was he sleepwalking in this film? Stale acting from everyone - especially Goss, with the exception of Mandylor, who was the only one that didn't rely on the failed/omitted attempts by the director to direct the cast. Cinematography was decent, that's about it. This is the worst film Goss and Mandylor have been in, and that's even considering I wasn't expecting much to begin with. A 5th grade drama class could've put this together better. It's a generous 3/10 from me.

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