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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Arun_U_33 9 / 10 / 10

An Admonition to Privacy Intruders

Disclaimer: Lens is a film intended for mature audiences and is not suitable for kids. Lens (2016) is a drama-mystery-thriller film which was written and directed by Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan. He also plays one of the main characters in the film. The film deals with the subject of privacy intrusion very seriously. Aravind, a married man, is a voyeur and addicted to porn videos. One day a stranger comes into his webchat and says he wants Aravind to watch his death live. Why he wants him to see his death and his past makes the crux of the story. The emotions which we feel after watching the film will be unique based on our personality, tastes and past experiences. Some may feel regret. Some may feel sadness. I'm sure it will be unique for each of us. The film helps us realize our personality in the virtual world and shows the aftermath of a crime, which we casually dismiss as harmless, while committing. The film is directed brilliantly and has a well-crafted script. The background music and cinematography keeps us engaged throughout the runtime of the film. All actors have done justice to their respective roles. Hope films with such strong content won't go unnoticed in the future.

Reviewed by arungeorge13 7 / 10 / 10

It haunts, it stays with you! [+73%]

'Lens' is a (fairly disturbing) psychological thriller centered around the theme of voyeurism. A husband (Aravind, played by the typical urban -dweller-looking Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan who is also the writer/director) whose increasing indulgence in virtual sex relationships has made him less of a respectful individual in the eyes of his wife (who apparently thinks he's working overtime). When one of his 'female interests' makes a revelation that he's a man and wants Aravind to watch him die live, things start to get increasingly interesting and what ensues is somewhat of a 'hostage situation'. The dialogues are largely in English (especially between Aravind and his suicidal Skype acquaintance Yohan - played by Anand Sami) but this aspect integrates well into the storyline, which is set in a city in Tamil Nadu. There are a few exchanges in Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil (for a good part of the latter half) as well. The film sheds light on how pseudo-relationships that crop out of the internet are principally becoming the millennials' source of seeking (virtual) sexual pleasures and how some innocents become 'targets' for the same. The issue is alarmingly contemporary and the manner in which it has been handled is impressive for a debut venture. Anand Sami's spine- tingling performance is one that haunts and one that stays with you. Hats off to the director who didn't shy away from treating pornographic content the way it is supposed to be. The subject is indeed a sensitive one but the treatment is deft and for the same reason, this film is worth a watch. On the downside, apart from the main leads, the rest of the ensemble look slightly amateurish in their performances (especially the cops!). Also, a little later into the second half, thrills tend to take a backseat for the sake of emotions. What one will certainly notice is Jayaprakash's uncanny eye for frames that portray a scene better than by way of blurting things out loud (shots of a wet paper-writing, a razor blade, a hungry fish in an aquarium, watchful eyes on the ceiling..to name a few!). GVP's background score helps elevate the goings-on to a great extent. S.R Kathir's subtle cinematography deserves appreciation as well. Above all, watch the film for its honesty and modern-day empathy.

Reviewed by Ansango 7 / 10 / 10

Bleak tale of virtual voyeurism

Lens is a solid psychological thriller which delves into the cynical and twisted realm of human nature. It can be termed as a modern parable for the contemporary tech-savvy generation. It poses some seriously profound questions. Being a compelling allegory about privacy intrusion, it works on various levels. The screenplay is razor-sharp and doesn't even afford you to blink. Acting is splendid. The direction is marvellous. What makes this movie so exciting and relevant is the important issues it arises. The film deals with the themes of Privacy encroachment, voyeurism, retaliation, moral deviance, ethical dissipation etc. And while addressing these issues, the film never feels preachy. It is an excellent tale about the inherent demons in all of us. Today everybody sequesters his/her inner demons with everyone but that doesn't mean that that demon has perished. It still exists deep inside you waiting for a sound chance to come out. Isolating yourself from the real world and submerging into the virtual world is never going to help. It even intensifies the trouble. The story is about the very same innate fiend and what happens if it unleashes. Overall, a compelling thriller which should be watched by everyone because it carries a very ingenious and heartfelt life lesson. Superb!!!

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