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Reviewed by arfdawg-1 2 / 10 / 10

See Who Controls Broadway and be Afraid

This movie basically reveal (unwittingly) who controls Broadway. And it's not pretty. These are old geezers who cling to their power until they are dragged to their grave. Soloway is a rather boring character. Slow talker but clearly a hard worker who is out of step with the times. He is clueless on how to use the internet. It will be more interesting to see who takes over once all these old cronies disappear. They didnt even know that typing on a computer has a spellcheck! OMG. They show a bunch of Playbills from Leonard's plays and frankly, none of them are all that impressive. The secondary motive to this doc -- besides the obvious gey agenda -- is to tout some tap dancing garbage that will clearly go no where. Olympia Dukasis who clearly has not spoken to him in a hundred years give him a call and it's like crickets. What was the point of that? And the Tappin' Thru Life is ludicrous. It's allegedly Maurice Hines giving kudos to his dead brother, but meanwhile if anyone is actually aware they'd know the two had a huge falling out and hated each other and nearly had fistfights. I was truly bored during most of this film, aside from a handful of interesting stories the old geezers have.

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