Leprechaun: Origins


Fantasy / Horror

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Garry Chalk as Sheriff
Melissa Roxburgh as Olivia Tanis
Stephanie Bennett as Tessa Hamill
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ilikehorrormovies 1 / 10 / 10

Shame on you WWE Studio and Lionsgate

This is the biggest slap to the face to leprechaun fans. I still think the Cabin Fever remake is the worse and this is second worse. It did take it seriously but still it sucks. The only one scene in the movie that made me think it's a leprechaun movie is the spine ripping. The director said he got that idea from Psycho? I don't remember Norman Bates rip any spine out INCLUDING THE REMAKE OF PSYCHO!!! The "leprechaun" is more like a predator and pumpkinhead then a leprechaun! The story is crap including everything else. The one cast member I like from the movie is Brendan Fletcher (he's from Freddy vs Jason). Honestly I like the poster (not with Hornswoggle face in it) it looks cool, better than the movie. This is the worst out of them all the Leprechaun movies. Don't watch this hot garbage, THIS MOVIE SUCKS!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 1 / 10 / 10

Series reboot is a generic monster flick

LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS is a reboot of the long-running series made long after it died a death in the early 2000s. Warwick Davis doesn't return to the titular role, instead replaced by a dwarf wrestler who is dressed up in the most generic Orc-looking costume you've ever seen. The film was shot in Canada which stands in for Ireland, and features a plot that has already been done to death many times in the horror genre: a bunch of teenagers head out for a touristy trip, only to fall foul of locals and local legend. This was produced by a wrestling studio with little affinity for the material, but for a B-grade horror flick it's not too bad. I liked the charismatic stereotyped villains while there's a fast pace and plenty of bloodshed to take your mind off the inconsistencies and predictability of the story. No classic, then, but it does the job, just about.

Reviewed by jlroodt 1 / 10 / 10

Extraordinary Bad Film

This film must rank as one of the worst films of all time in any category. The story builds no suspense, defies logic and insults the viewer's intelligence. Acting is very one-dimensional, but then again you can't blame the poor actors, as I am sure they would be capable of more if they had proper direction. The leprechaun itself looks like a kind of zombie crossed with a gorilla, with one singular growling sound and a range of motions limited two seemingly wobbling left to right on the spot. To top off everything, the cinematography and lighting is absolutely cringe-worthily bad. There are so many instances of poor lighting and excruciatingly poor lens and setup choices that it becomes distracting to the movie itself. Stay away or watch it to learn how not to.

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