Les héros ne meurent jamais



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ebert 1 / 10 / 10

Pure nonsense

There is no justification for the fact that a Frenchman who may die of the heart is deceived by his friends who reinforce his belief that he is the "reincarnation" of a Bosnian soldier. A nonsensical film. Nonsense from beginning to end. Don't waste your time.

Reviewed by BrorsanW 8 / 10 / 10

Spiritual yet grounded

Heroes Don't Die carries themes of healing, history and friendship in a beatiful combination of several unexpected elements. The "found-footage" style of filming is finally used for something else than horror and works very well. In a film about friends pushing each other to new frontiers it serves the viewer well to feel so engaged and in the middle of it as the camera could possibly allow us. Our protagonists, Joachim and Alice, both seem like real, genuine people. Watching Joachim as he goes on a crazy journey of self-discovery we can't help but feel angry at him, feel sorry for him or laugh at him. His screen-presence is so commanding, so deep. It feels as though he has so much going on inside his head, but we can never know exactly what: he's a real human being. The most divisive part of the film will be it's use of the Srebrenica genocide. I understod it as being used for several purposes. Among others, it juxtaposes the main characters's small-scale suffering with that of the Bosnian villagers we meet in the movie. Clever as the filmmakers are, they make it very clear they know what they are doing and how sensitive the subject is. In the end of the film we find ourselves with some answers, but not all of them. We as viewers have gone through a spiritual journey with the group of friends yet find ourselves back where we started. We're unsure whether we were truly healed or not. If we can be healed at all. I feel as though I followed these people through one hell of a journey. Hell, I feel light-headed just thinking about it. It's one hell of a trip.

Reviewed by sanchezghp 8 / 10 / 10

A good first feature

A good first feature. Adèle shines as always, and the "hero" is also very much believable and moving. Love - death - mourning - friendship are underlying themes of that movie, which remained with me a long time after watching it. I will follow Aude-Lea's career for sure.

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