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Reviewed by sheedapeeda 10 / 10 / 10

Yes to everything in this film

This film is so funny and awesome. It's smart, witty, and violent. LeSeurdmin sees the world like most people-full of crap but what are you going to do? Until he unwillingly becomes a super hero and makes the world suck a little less. Solid movie.

Reviewed by ezradamedianman / 10

Embracing your carnal nature!

SPOILER: "Francis Ponge once said, 'Man is the future of Man', truth is, evolution is a clever little [email protected]#$!" Do you need a better premise? The pilot episode for the series 'Leseurdmin' is aptly title 'Provenance'. It tells the story of a man (Leseurdmin), who's going through a midlife crisis. His monotonous daily routine, clouded by people whom he hates triggers in him an outbreak which will result in taking him down a most amusing path. One day; while working on a broken copy machine, he's put on a spot by his supervisor, who informs him of his lack of improvement regarding his work. To further complicate matters, a work mate instigates a conversation which he'd rather not be having. Fueled internally with rage about his present predicament, he phases into a fantasy about going to work one day and killing everyone. Breaking his dark comedic moment is another acquaintance from work who seeing him zoning out under the stress, invites him to have a beer with him after work. He reluctantly agrees knowing that he was supposed to be meeting his girlfriend's parents for lunch later that evening. What he envisioned as being a quick drink with his friend, turns into a full blown booze session with a little help from an unknown person at the bar. Suffice to say that when he finally turned up for dinner, things were about to get a lot worse. Flabbergasted with the previous night's dinner with her parents, his girlfriend decides to pack her things and leave him the very first thing next morning, taking away most of what was in their apartment with her along the way. Faced with a nearly empty apartment and only a lizard suit left in his clothes shelf, he puts it on and along with a little money he earned the previous evening at the bar, sets out once again to get 'smashed' at the bar. With the need to forget his situation temporarily at least, he asks the bartender for something different. As the alcohol starts taking him to different level, he gets sick of the bartender, who inadvertently ensues into asking him to leave the bar. Not prepared to leave without a fight, he quite literally starts one and heads out into the streets and finds his way to the beach. Going through the obvious process of self reflection regarding events that transpired to this point, he ends up lying on the beach, having a conversation with a reptile, ironically enough. We are introduced to a few new characters of even more eccentricities while Leseurdmin himself starts taking on a more complex transformation with regards to his lizard suit! Are you fed up of being somebody you don't really want to be? Watch this witty animation of a person's quest to find himself, there may be hope for you yet! "I felt different; weaker, yet stronger." - Leseurdmin 'Leseurdmin's Lament' begins with him puking down an alley while recollecting events that have preceded him. His mental state further reinforcing his beliefs that he indeed was starting to morph into something not quite human with reptilian characteristics. He goes to a store to find some more reptilian ale which he started drinking at the bar previously, when quite unexpectedly, a guy decides to rob the store. Faced with a situation of danger and the noise making him irritated, his alter ego kicks in giving him the courage to throw a bowl of melted cheese on the robber's face while following it up with a beating to his head with the pot that contained the cheese. The gruesome, violent display causes shock to the innocent bystanders and himself as well. Wanting to get away from the scene he forgets about paying for his alcohol and starts walking away. The shopkeeper alerts a cop who was in the vicinity and there ensues a chase. A character introduced at the ending of the first episode helps him to escape and he heads back home. Trying to make sense of what was transpiring before him and no one to talk to, he decides to call his ex-girlfriend while recollecting a pleasant moment they shared together briefly. His efforts turn out in vain while another unknown character comes knocking at his door, with a shotgun in his possession. In an effort to get Leseurdmin to go with him to an unknown location, while killing his neighbour who interrupted their conversation midway, he decides to fight back. In an effort to overcome the odds of taking on a professional criminal, the second episode draws to an end with the shotgun in the hand of the criminal falling to the ground during their tussle for dominance. Have you been struggling with inner demons and found it hard to overcome the odds? Watch this hypnagogic, idiosyncratic and satirical animation to gain some insights (while constantly snickering to yourself in the process!). 'Lizard Logic' begins with Leseurdmin meeting up with his girlfriend in hopes of possibly gaining some sympathy from her regarding his current predicament. Unfortunately; things don't work out according to plan and to further complicate matters, he is confronted by the policeman whom he escaped while running away from the shop. As he gains consciousness (after being tasered at the diner), he wakes up at the local police precinct as is held for questioning by the two detectives who've been assigned a case regarding violent deaths of young women who've been abused in every possible way with the only clue to go by being the reptilian alcohol that he was consuming as well. When things start to get heated in the questioning process, quite unexpectedly, a lawyer walks in to defend him with regards to his rights as a criminal under investigation. Once the lawyer gets information about whom to contact regarding his arrest, he gives his girlfriend's contact information as is taken to jail. Later on however, with the help of the three characters introduced to us at the end of the pilot episode, he escapes prison and evades being taken by them as well. The episode draws to a conclusion as we are introduced to the identity of the main villain in the story who turns out to be the lawyer who represented him while being detained by the police. To make matters worse, he's seen cooking at his mansion with a girl tied to a chair - Leseurdmin's girlfriend! Have you been challenged by difficulties in life that result in everything around you starting to spiral out of control? Watch Leseurdmin face his inner demons as well as external elements while he struggles to gain control of his life! As the transformation from Leseurdmin to the Lizardman comes to fruition in episode 4, 'Become the Lizardman', he finds himself at his best friends home, with no one to talk to and explaining to him about how things got so bizarre after their casual drink at the bar after work. Their conversation is abruptly interrupted by an object that breaks a window and lands on the carpet beside them. On opening the package, he finds out that 'The Grillmaster' has taken his girlfriend hostage and is calling him out to his mansion for a face off. Unable to deal with things humanely anymore, he converses with his alter ego and becomes the person whom he was destined to be - 'The Lizardman'. Preparation begins for the final battle as he prepares his weapons of choice in the garage of his best friend. Writing his final thoughts, just in case he doesn't get through this mission, he hands over a note and sets forth on his final destination, the mansion of the Grillmaster. Successfully getting passed some hired thugs for protection, he finally comes face to face with the Grillmaster, only to be knocked out of consciousness by a concussion of sesame seed. Have you ever faced insurmountable odds where you felt that you could never deal with this on your own Watch Leseurdmin transform himself to his alter ego in order to fight his ordeal. The conclusion, 'Sheer Grilliance', episode 5 of Leseurdmin, ends with a bang alright. We start off with a fight between the Grillmasters 3 henchmen taking on Lizardman. With a little help from his best friend who makes a surprise entrance, he ensues in over the first obstacle. The Grillmaster explains the reasons behind his personal vendetta against him with regards to a barbeque (which is his ultimate form of happiness) with very important guests being ruined because of a drunken escapade that he made sometime back as his transformation into the Lizardman was in it's initial phases. Turns out that the Grillmaster was the psychotic serial rapist who was causing chaos around town and decides to pay him back by making his girlfriend his final act of violence. With a little help from his magic potion, 'Reptiale', he's able to defeat the Grillmaster and rescue his girlfriend. Even Though he still remains in love with her, he decides to do the right thing for the first time in his life by sacrificing his personal pleasure for the betterment of the person he loves most in his life, he leaves her. The new path that he's on would not be compatible with her and selfishly thinking only about himself would possibly put his girlfriend in danger as well in the process. A mutual understanding is agreed upon. The story draws towards the end as the police find out that the evidence in the Grillmaster's mansion proves that the Lizardman indeed was innocent of the crimes they were investigating. "He who makes a beast of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man" - Leseurdmin (a.k.a The Lizardman The Lizardman becomes a vigilante & the final transformation is complete. Have you ever thought that there was another side to you? Did you feel like repressing this alter ego was the practical thing to do in your present environment? Sometimes, we must accept our carnal nature in order to truly become the person who we were meant to be, to become something else, something that defies our perception of what it means to be a man. The rest is in your hands!

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