Let the Lion Roar


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Eric Roberts as Duffy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by c_meister 10 / 10 / 10

A bold movie!!!

Absolutely amazing!! This is a movie, a docudrama about the church history: its forgotten roots and about the reformation of the church that changed a whole society; the reformation started something in the church, but it has forgotten something very important... The movie gives a honest and bold picture of the church of the past and today. It helps to understand why we think in the way we do. I loved that movie for many reasons: - It was an absolutely genius idea to put that kind of message-documentary in a movie format. It's unique! - I loved the pictures, the costumes and the actors. You travel through time, and it makes it easier to understand that topic. - Every one can watch it, a believer or a non believer.

Reviewed by sethbecker-43529 10 / 10 / 10

A revelation!

I had no idea about the history of the church until I watched this movie and honestly I'm really shocked. I looked up the information online and it's all there I guess someone just needed to join up the dots. I'm definitely glad I saw this movie and now I know. Really liked it.

Reviewed by kpluntke 10 / 10 / 10

A film every believer should see !

I have seen this wonderful documentation about the Church History and not only once but many times. I believe every Christian or Jewish believer should see this eye-opening film. I have told many people about this film and will continue to do so. A rare and instructive film about some dark parts of our Church that many don't know about. BRAVO to the team that made this film!!

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