Let's Scare Jessica to Death


Drama / Horror / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cleoew 9 / 10 / 10

A forgotten gem

This is one of those rare gems that never got the accolades from the mass public other horror films (Halloween, Friday the 13th, etc) garnered. I saw this as a kid and it scared the bejesus out of me. Some 30 years later, I still love this film. Dated, yes, but it possesses a strange creepiness that you almost can't put your finger on. Its premise is of a man and wife starting life anew in a small town. The wife Jessica, played wonderfully by Zohra Lampert, has recently recovered from a nervous breakdown. They decide to move out of the hustle and bustle of the big city to a small apple farm and bring their friend with them. From the onset, Jessica clearly struggles with her past demons and tries to convince herself that her mental breakdown was in the past. She starts to question everything she sees as to whether it's real or not. They get to their new home, only to find a strange girl occupying their property. The girl, Emily, played by Mariclare Costello, is truly frightening and plays the role of this mysterious girl to perfection. To anyone under the age of, perhaps 35, this movie will most likely do nothing for you. It is from the 70s and IT SHOWS, it contains no CGI, no bloody slasher gore, no "strap them down in a chair and torture them" scenes, and no famous big name people. It is a quiet, intense ride where you have to actually FEEL the emotions that grip Jessica. I've read comments here where others think it's lame, or complain about Lampert's clothes. How clothes can affect someone's view of this movie floors me, but whatever. This movie isn't lame. It's a classic gem of a thriller in a sea of garbage that's churned out by Hollywood these days. I think I'm going to go watch it now!

Reviewed by gwsteph 8 / 10 / 10

Scared me 30 years ago and scares me now. Very effective.

The scariest movie you will never see on TV. This movie should have been a hit. Since it wasn't, it should have 'cult' status. Why it doesn't, I don't know. Genre - horror. Sub-genre haunted house, return from the dead, psychopath, strange little town. Filmed on location in CT with that great "B" movie feel. The lack of special effects and gore make it all the more effective. Simple but amazingly good soundtrack. I saw this movie 30 years ago and it really haunted me. I found an import on DVD for which the quality is quite good. Many viewers see the movie as an enigma or riddle. Having seen it several times now I think the title says it all. Pay close attention to who either gets or almost gets killed. Why is the little town populated only by men? The actress playing Emily needs no makeup to look like just what she is playing in the movie. A few things about the movie don't hang together and the continuity might suffer a little. But have no doubt, it is one very scary and effective film.

Reviewed by CandyStalker 8 / 10 / 10

Demand a DVD Release

One of the best, CREEPIEST movies, back when they still made creepy movies WITHOUT such modern "horror movie" distractions as over-scoring, music-video editing and the casting of rappers instead of actors. A buried treasure. Worthy of a double-bill with any classic of the time: The Exorcist, Night of The Living Dead, Carrie, etc. If there is a better "ghost story" on film then perhaps I have not yet seen it. I recall this movie appearing on Stephen King's top-ten scariest films list in his book Danse Macabre. Isn't that enough of an endorsement to warrant a DVD release already? (Or is that not a selling point anymore?)

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