Letter Never Sent



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Eva LaRue as Susan Samson
Haley Webb as Claire Goodster
Jesse Garcia as Tyler
Wanda De Jesus as Edith
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nammage 7 / 10 / 10

A Love Letter That Creates Some Trouble

The first thing wrong with this film is they had people in their 30's playing high school students in the beginning of the film so when it transitions to the future they look like they never aged, at all. It's unbelievable. They could have gotten younger look-a-likes, or even attempted makeup of some kind. Also, the main character's mother doesn't look too much older than he does. While not implausible, it just seemed a bit off. The story itself is about a guy who's been in love with his next door neighbor forever. Going with the title of the film, he wrote a letter to the love of his life when he found out she broke up with her boyfriend and was about to give it to her but doesn't when he finds out they got back together. So, it's the future and he's still pining over her. He finds out she has a boyfriend so he falls back to his old pattern of being in love with her without telling her. The guy's best friend finds the letter and he memorized and uses it on a girl he likes, claiming he wrote it, to get the girl, and then he loses the letter so they try to find it before someone else does, especially the girl Tom (the friend) spoke it to. But the current boyfriend of the main girl finds it, and keeps it but then tells Henry (the main guy) that he has the letter but he, Henry, plays as if he was a player in High School, and that the letter was meaningless. Overall, the film's not bad if not overly predictable. Has some sweet spots, some mildly humorous parts, and typical of the genre. The composition was a bit annoying but didn't ruin the film. It's a movie that made me smile, at times, and that's always good because I'm the type of guy who doesn't smile often, so worth a watch. 6.8/10

Reviewed by Logomark890 9 / 10 / 10

a sweet movie about unrequited love

This is a tv movie just so you know. this movie is really sweet. it is funny at times. it is predictable still enjoyable and acting is good. it is about struggling to express your love and second chances and still how difficult it is to express. you may relate to it if you are ever in that situation.

Reviewed by rebekahrox 9 / 10 / 10

A fresh cast elevates a familiar plot

"Letter Never Sent" is a thoroughly enjoyable romantic comedy. Entirely predictable, sure, but sometimes that's the charm. This one succeeds because of the cast. The female lead is very appealing (and bares a strong resemblance to Michelle Monaghan). The male lead makes a believable ex-nerd who has loved her his whole life. The secondary leads are engaging as well. The actress who plays her best friend Lily reminds me of a more wholesome Scarlet Johanson. She played the best friend in another romantic T.V. movie and it's about time this actress got the lead role. The actor who plays the "dumb jock" who falls for her is perfectly cast. And now we come to Eva La Rue. She looks young enough to be the lead actor's sister, not mother! But since she really is 50 years old, it works. The obligatory current fiancé is played by an actor who really makes you hate him. What more could you ask? I seem to be gushing a bit here, but it is so rare that we get a T.V. romantic comedy that doesn't seem churned out by the hundreds (thank-you Hallmark) and really checks all the boxes. If only Hallmark would take a page from this example and cast some fresh young talent playing 20-somethings that really are twenty- something. This entry shows that with the right casting and a basic yet well written plot without a lot of gimmicks (Christmas Cookies! Ice sculptures! Princesses! Time Travel! Magic Santa Clauses!), you can make a perfectly charming little movie

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