Letter to Brezhnev


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Alfred Molina as John Tetzel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Evans 10 / 10 / 10

Simply glorious.

Theresa and Elaine are out on the town, they bump into two Soviet sailors Sergei and Peter. After spending the night together, Teresa spends a wild night with Sergei, whereas Elaine and Peter form a much deeper attachment. Unfortunately for Peter and Elaine, their ship is only docked in Liverpool for one night. I have to start by saying I utterly love this film, it is totally enchanting, it's moving, funny, wonderfully poignant, and gives a window to 1985, culturally and politically. The music is fabulous, very eighties, but wonderfully in keeping with the tone and emotion of the film. The acting is glorious, Margi Clarke and Alexandra Pigg are sensational. Liverpool makes a fabulous backdrop, it looks amazing, particularly on the ferry crossing. It does help that I love the place. This film deserves to be a lot bigger and hold cult status. Superb 10/10

Reviewed by maclure-d 7 / 10 / 10

Soviet advice to Elaine.

This film was not met his character of Leonid Brezhnev because has missed interesting features that included enlarged eyes bow and big shoulders and noted letter written by Elaine was dated 1985 but really an error, Soviet Embassy or Consulate are the expertise but Foreign Office do not, not sure about requirement for this.

Reviewed by govan1984 7 / 10 / 10

'Letter to Brezhnev' is a romantic drama with a political and social background, set in 1980's Liverpool.

Taking place during the 'Cold War' the film describes two people falling in love during a time of massive unemployment and recession in the U.K. The main characters are Elaine and Theresa, two friends who are very different from each other. Elaine is unemployed, bored of her own life and the people around her. Theresa works in a chicken factory and is the opposite of Elaine – she tries to enjoy life, in her own way which involves drinking, having casual sex and taking opportunities when they arise. Elaine and Theresa meet two Russian sailors in a nightclub and Elaine falls in love with the shyer one – Peter – and after he gets back on his ship she decides to go to Communist Russia to be with him, but it doesn't seem so easy to do. In the 1980's there was a big difference between the countries on either side of the 'Iron Curtain'. There was seen to be more freedom in the Capitalist West than the Communist East. The film shows the negative side of the lives of independent, 'free' women in the West; it tries to show that life in the West at that time was not what we are led to believe. Although we do not see life in Russia in the film, we are told there is work for all people there. For Elaine, Russia represents a happy life, a new start and hope for a job and a family. The film also shows the attitudes of the British to Russia, where they say there is no freedom and that Elaine may lose the opportunity to come back to her country. In my opinion, this film is propaganda for Russia as the director shows us the way that the British government constructed their own propaganda against Russia. Throughout the film the director shows us why life in the U.K. is no better, or may be worse, than life in Russia. We don't know if Elaine will be happier in Russia but she will have followed her heart and dreams.

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