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May 28, 2020


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Reviewed by gadfly_mta 1 / 10 / 10

why make movies this bad?

It use to be that independent films were often hidden gems. With film people were much more careful and had to plan every inch of film shot. Now days in the digital world anyone can get hold of a camera and just shoot and shoot and try to piece whatever pile of garbage they can make out of it. Movies like this one which is basically a ego project of Clarkson. He brags about how he did everything in this movie, because of course his previous terrible film he blames on the cast and crew. It tells he did everything because the writing directing and acting are horrible. Just read this guys bio and trivia. The guy is full of himself and lives in some kind of delusion that he has talent. Please dont waste your time on this one. Its no surprise im the first review of this 2017 movie as I am prob the only sucker other than his friends that watched it.

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