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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sackenziwalker256 7 / 10 / 10

Fame isn't Always Fortune

Like a Country Song is a great film in the sense that it shows the life of a famous musician from many angles and perspectives. What I mean is that it shows both the good and the bad. Jake Reeson the main character in this story has the good life, the fact that he is rising to fame. However the worse parts of his life involve his problems in his own relationships, and addictions. I went to the theater because I wanted to watch a good drama and I heard that the film Like a Country Song recently came out in Appleton Wisconsin. I love how the film shows that there are always two sides of the story; like the side of Jake Reeson the up and coming country singer, and Bo Reeson the father who wasn't there for him. The only thing I wish that the movie did better is make the standoff scene between Jake and his dad Bo Reeson more dramatic.

Reviewed by kbwuugus5454 10 / 10 / 10

From Forgiveness to Fame

The movie Like a Country Song is a film that shows the miraculous power of forgiveness that every person will most likely encounter sooner or later in their life. I'm from Texas originally but I don't like country music too much, but after having seen this film I sort of changed my mind. In the movie Like a Country Song Jake Reeson is an up and coming country singer who is quite destined for fame. Despite his natural talent for music and song he struggles to achieve his goals due to addiction, drinking, and partying. It's up to him to get over with the demons of his past in order to move on with his life. This means being able to reconcile with his father who left him at a young age. The film has a good solid plot, with all the pieces of the storyline very well connected together. The only drawback is that the film focuses so much on Jake Reeson's personal life, but it has a lot of good music scenes which is what I like.

Reviewed by TeonJaya 10 / 10 / 10

The Elimination of Grudges

There is this great movie that me and my friends saw in Texas a few days ago, and it's called Like a Country Song. There are many things to be said about the movie Like a Country Song that keeps echoing many themes of life like redemption, forgiveness, and one's ego. What's interesting to see is how the star Jake Reeson changes from an up and coming star who feels like he almost owns the world to someone who nearly loses everything including his career. What I like is the fact that the film shows that one's ego and anger of the past can get in the way of one's future. This is something that many people don't believe but it is very true. The only thing I dislike about the film is that it should focus more on his musical career and less on his personal life. Apart from that it shows the power that forgiveness has on one's emotional inner pain.

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