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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 10 / 10 / 10

a lesson for parents who keeps pushing their kids. all work and no play makes jack a dull boy

From the creative mind of INDIA'S best actor, writer/director aamir khan the film brings to light what it is truly like to be dyslexic. AAMIR created this film with one purpose kept firmly in mind: to raise awareness about dyslexia. (great film, it speaks out to anyone with Dyslexic disorders. and is a relatable story to anyone. definitely an award worthy film. Did I mention the script is absolutely brilliant? There are a lot of =truly= funny moments. And the music rocks. But those are only specific aspects of a movie that has just about everything else right about it as well. See it, enjoy it, think about it, see it again. Think about it some more.

Reviewed by drpakmanrains 9 / 10 / 10

Best Depiction of Dyslexia Ever in a Fictional Film

As I just became aware of this film a few weeks ago, and ordered a DVD and watched it today (10-9-11) this review is unlikely to be seen by many because the film is 4 years old and there are nearly 250 user reviews already. So rather than rehash the plot, I will first mention that I have been an Educational Therapist for over 45 years, and have worked extensively with dyslexic and ADD and ADHD children in my practice, so this film had intrinsic interest to me going in. But despite seeing many films on learning problems through the years, some very good, I have never seen any movie that can come close to this one both in emotional power and subject accuracy. When I saw that the film is 165 minutes long, I was expecting to watch it in two sittings, but I never once felt the need to take a break, and in the second half of the film, when the director Aamir Khan enters the story, I was riveted continuously, and embarrassingly shed more than a few tears. If you have any interest in education and the problems the outsiders face, this is a must-see. And if you just want to see an intelligent drama with no car chases, explosions, sex scenes, or ultra violence, then you will be glad you saw this wonderful film, which, by the way, while it is about children, is not really for children, unless they are over about 11 or 12, or have suffered the experience of failing due to undiagnosed or treated reading or similar learning difference. Don't let the Disney Studio name fool you, this does not feel like a typical Disney movie, but the film does point out that Walt Disney himself had school learning problems as a child. Another aspect of the film is something I always try to impart to my clients: There is life after school. And it is not necessary to be the best at everything to be successful. Just become the best you are able and try to find something you like doing that makes you happy. The rest will take care of itself. What a great film! Since I first wrote this review, I have rewatched it 5 more times, and now consider it the best film I have ever seen, and that encompasses about 2500 films.

Reviewed by Sreejith P C 9 / 10 / 10

A splendid effort..

First point: Taare Zameen Par is not a movie for children. Its also not a movie only about 'special' children. What it stands for and depicts stunningly is how the cruel world outside is stealing away our children's precious childhood. It is about how our parents are turning into monsters and imposing their own dreams and aspirations on their children which eventually destroys our children's confidence and can only create a generation of hate. Its about how each child needs attention and care and how we so lack those qualities in this life thats bounded by time. Aamir Khan does a fabulous job both behind and in front of the camera. There are scenes in which just his facial expressions tugs at our hearts and moves us. That is truly the hallmark of a great actor. But then, Taare Zameen Par is not about Aamir. Its truly owned by Darsheel Safary. Right from the first scene to the very end he steals the show and our hearts with his endearing acting. Taare Zameen Par is a biting criticism of the times we live in. But it also makes you smile, laugh, cry, nod in agreement and seethe with anger.. everything that a movie is supposed to do. It truly is a movie which everyone can relate to. Reminds you that movies are meant to make us think.. to provoke us and act as a mirror of our times. Taare Zameen Par does all this and much more. Watch it if you like watching meaningful movies. Sreejith -

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