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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bobbobwhite 8 / 10 / 10

A different kind of love story

Reggie, what a gifted boy he was. Too bright, too talented and too mature for his peers and for his teachers too in his toney NYC private school, but even with those great advantages, he was overlooked and ignored by his rich parents, who were too selfish and busy to give him proper attention for his young boy needs of love, friendship and acceptance. Thus, they gave that job to a caring immigrant maid and a new, 23 year-old, female au pair, who was just looking for a job after a breakup with her rocker band boy friend. The relationship that developed between this boy and his au pair was this story. Reggie was a cello prodigy, a math prodigy, and a maturity prodigy for a 12 year old. He was also an old soul, much deeper than his years and those of older others in seeing what was wrong around him but also what he needed and so lacked in his life. His new au pair, a lapsed cornet player trying to get some order in her life, bonded with him in a near older sister-younger brother relationship, but better than that, more than that. Sometimes it was not clear who the older, more mature one was. Reggie was that gifted and special. And, she was special in that she was such a good and needed friend who treated Reggie as an equal, not as a kid. Thus, their bond was so much tighter and caring and, yes, loving, than would be typical for their differing ages, thus it was so much harder for both when it had to end. The development of their close ties meant that when it came time for her to get on with her life and leave, both would find it very difficult. Reggie was stunned by the separation, yes, but he had found from this friendship the confident awareness that there was at least one person this world whom he could finally relate to and care deeply about, and who cared deeply for him, and it was also clear that his life had been so enhanced by the friendship. He was no longer alone in his heart. A beautiful, classical sound track throughout, with a haunting and original cello/cornet piece at the end. This is the kind of heartfelt and realistically-paced film Hollywood does not make, so see it if you want a sweet, touching and believable human story instead of more CGI monsters.

Reviewed by paul-allaer 10 / 10 / 10

The making of an unlikely but blossoming friendship

"Like Sunday, Like Rain" (2014 release; 105 min.) brings the story of Eleanor and Reggie. As the movie opens, we see Reggie wake up and start his day. Reggie is a 12 yr. old wunderkind who plays the cello and is a math-whiz, but he's also living a pretty lonely existence even if in a well-to-do environment. His mom is having a fit because the live-in nanny just quit (or was forced to leave the country because of her visa). In a parallel story, we also get to know Eleanor, in her early 20s. She also just woke up, realizing her boyfriend never came home the night before. It's not long before Eleanor breaks up and moves out, and in a subsequent confrontation by her ex-boyfriend at her work, she is fired from her waitressing job. In desperation, Eleanor goes to a temp agency for nannies, and as luck would have it, she is hired as the new live-in nanny for Reggie. As this point we're not even 15 min. into the movie but to tell you more would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see how it all plays out. Couple of comments: this is the latest movie written and directed by actor Frank Whaley. This time he chooses to bring the story of an unlikely but blossoming friendship between Reggie and Eleanor. Reggie needs Eleanor just as much as she needs him, in fact she may need Reggie more, as she is down on her luck, with an annoying boyfriend, an ailing father and a strained relationship with the rest of her family. Beware: this movie is not for anyone in a hurry, and there is no major plot to speak of, so if you don't like a movie where there's lot of talking and little or no action, do yourself a favor and watch something else. It is a darn shame that this movie is rated "R" (the F word is used twice, and it wasn't even necessary and didn't make the movie any more "authentic"), as a key potential audience (the 14 to 17 yr. old) is probably not going to get to see this now. As to the acting performances, both leads (Leighton Meester as Elanor and Julian Shatkin as Reggie) give stellar performances and I hope we'll see more of them in due course. However, Billie Joe Armstrong (yes, he of Green Day) is completely miscast as Eleanor's boyfriend (for one, he is WAY too old, and for another, his acting skills are lacking). Also, there is a fair amount of classical music in the movie, so if that's not your thing, beware. I quite liked the classical segments, and the overall musical score, courtesy of Ed Hardcourt. Bottom line: not knowing much of anything about this movie before seeing it, I was pleasantly surprised by this and charmed from start to finish. This movie was shot in New York 2 years ago, and shown at various film festivals last year. Why it's taken this long to appear in the theaters, I have no idea. I recently saw this at the Silverspot Cinema in Naples, FL. The matinée screening where I saw this at was attended okay but not great. If you are ready for something other than the usual "Furious 7" or "Ant-Man" fare that Hollywood is sending our way, this movie might just do the trick for you. "Like Sunday, Like Rain" is definitely worth checking out, be it in the theater or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray.

Reviewed by Stewball 10 / 10 / 10

Distinctive, enigmatic and fleeting

10/10 Masterpiece. Some are calling this melancholy, but I think bittersweet is a better word. Above all, it's a story about a 12 year-old music prodigy being played by a c. 12 year-old acting prodigy. As good as child acting has gotten, few if any could have pulled this off as well. What's the significance of 12? It's that age where you're as mature as you're going to get before the onset of puberty. But what if your emotional maturity and profound awareness outstrip your physical growth? It's about resigning yourself to your solitude, until.... The result is a bittersweet gulf between two otherwise kindred souls. This isn't about dramatic friction, it's about something distinctive, enigmatic and fleeting. It's like playing a beautiful tune on a cello in an empty swimming pool with good acoustics. It's like Sunday, like rain. Maybe the best "child" performance ever.

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