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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by refordgarry 6 / 10 / 10

"Walkabout" Fan Movie (with good subsidizers)

Lillian was REAL. A Polish woman who went off-grid, and vanished. There's two great big clues inside Lilly to show it's a tribute to Walkabout (1970). To call out European phony's I'll offer, only No 1, as Jennifer Agutter's "reveal shots". But these points aside, I liked Lillian, despite Film Institut, Filmfonds Wein & Filmstandort's snouts in the EU taxpayer trough. Movie-makers just "had" to add negative visual comments about greedy "Yankee" Capitalism. But Lillian, like Walkabout is beautiful for its celebration of Nature, the God-Given American Landscape, plus absence of nit-picking dialogue. .

Reviewed by Australian1 4 / 10 / 10

Really pointless...

Not sure what the start was, I assume something to do with Lillian, Russian language, no idea what was said and all of a sudden we are somewhere in USA. Not sure if Lillian has actually said a word, I was lost in the purpose of this movie. Since it has been decided that she vanished on her trek to Russia, how does anyone know other than one or two people in the movie, how does anyone know where she went or how she got there and over what period of time are we talking about here! Yeah maybe some "nice" scenery, various people going about their business, but the whole movie is pointless.

Reviewed by dimwinne 4 / 10 / 10

National geographic

Beautiful landscapes, a girl that is not very talkative, wheater forecasts, how she gets her hands on stuff and litters all over... I get the whole point of the movie, but the journey itself?? How she knows how to do all that and gets away with so many things. And the radio... And then the movie comes to a point where people are whale hunting. I wished I had a warning for that... And so detailed... barf... you can skip that whole part if you're an animal lover just like me. There is only one significant scene after all the grose whale images. Maybe a little less national geo and more inside the girl's head and experiences. I really wasn't hoping for good things to happen to her, and that's bad...

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