Comedy / Drama / Horror

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James Purefoy as Lucifer
Scottie Thompson as Allison
Veronica Cartwright as Sheriff Taylor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Manwhofell 8 / 10 / 10

A very different film

This was a very different kind of movie.Then at the end, it becomes very different than you thought it was. Was it a great movie, with fantastic acting? Meh, it shines in some spots throughout. Was it a great story/premise? Hell yes. If you enjoy something like The Man From Earth, you will most likely enjoy this.

Reviewed by lifelinespublishing 8 / 10 / 10


Would have given this a 6/10 but the actors here were under-performing in their roles, the storyline was good and the only actor who was worthy of praise was the STENOGRAPHER, also, plus 1 for his jokes. specially in the end, LOL overall, it's a boring movie, could have been much better with greater actors IMHO.

Reviewed by dw8177 8 / 10 / 10

Clearly underrated

This is quite the gem. It shows that even with a shoestring budge of a little bit of dry ice, cheap wearable plastic horns, red lights, and aluminum tubing, that if the story is powerful enough, that is all that is additionally needed to carry it to completion. Not to give away the story but imagine yourself appearing in a room, both with a prosecutor and defense attorney. The crime ? Your life. The reward ? heaven. What makes this film especially interesting is the dialogue and actors. The wording is so very carefully chosen to hook at once the viewer. God and the devil are referred to so familiarly as to the "Old Man" and "Brother." Has a twist ending too. Must watch, and has re-watch value at that. Zero sex scenes though and zero nudity. A few might've driven the stake all the way to me at least up to 10-stars, but I was not at all disappointed by what I did see and will definitely want to see again later. --dw817 (10-28-19)

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