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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by meydiana-65242 1 / 10 / 10

This film is not scary and too slow but it is difficult to predict what the story will be

The first time before I watched a film, I saw this film's rating on Google and yeah, the rating was very low for this film, therefore I didn't expect more of this film.. But because I really wanted to watch Korean horror films, I thought it was okay. So I spent the rest of my weekend watching this film.. In a few minutes I watched it, this film is too much drama, the storyline is difficult to understand, even the ghost is not too scary, the sound effect did not surprise me and even this film was a very bad ending. I regret giving 1 star to this rating, if IMDB had a 0 star option, I would probably only give 0 as a rating.

Reviewed by samp_da_man / 10

Lousy excuse of a horror film. Terrible writing.

The movie has some paranormal scenes randomly thrown in there just so it can call itself a horror movie. The few paranormal scenes it has relied heavily on jump scares while abusing the horrible audio balancing. The last 30 minutes of the movie completely throws away the idea of it being a paranormal movie and renders all the previous paranormal scenes meaningless. It's like the writers couldn't decide what they want the plot of the movie to be. The audio is really quiet throughout the movie making you want to turn up the volume to just to hear the characters talk, but suddenly has insanely high volume for the jump scare scenes.

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