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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peyespy007 8 / 10 / 10

never forgot this one

i was shocked cuz i placed a bid for a VHS on ebay and 10 other people wanted it also, so i lost. but i found another old VHS copy on ebay. it never got to DVD for some reason. so, great movie, mainly cuz its like a cautionary tale to warn girls a guy can be hot, rich and successful and still be a psycho. they need to make more movies like this, not a goofy scream type movie but a real edgy serious thriller like this one. richard is exceptionally hot in this film. great acting. whats creepy though is i did all this stuff when i was 14. i talked to strange men from chatlines. i thought i was so smart i never told them where i lived or met up with them. i also lied about my age. i was lucky i never met a psycho. or then again some of them were, but they never found out where i lived. my friend and i thought we were so cool we made our voices sound sexy and would have late night chats with 25 year old guys. i remember one night my mom walked in and heard me, of course i lied and told her it was a joke if she only knew what we were doing, so dangerous. Cuz chatlines are dangerous because predators go on there often looking for victims. And sometimes we'd randomly call people and start talking to guys. teen girls are boy crazy and there are a lot of psycho's out there. This movie is so creepy the way they did it was you knew all along who he was, instead of finding out at the end, it made it more creepy that she was playing with his mind and it turns out he was a serial killer. pretty spooky. also, the mouth on those girls, holy hell! "if you got laid every once and a while you wouldn't be such a bitch" "if you're mom had a boyfriend and "got it" once and a while she might leave you alone and let you date" lol, i forgot how sassy teenagers can be. i should know cuz a couple of those guys from the chatlines wanted to dirty talk and i may have let them so yeah, now that im much older, thats straight up creepy!! lol

Reviewed by triple8 9 / 10 / 10

An excellent movie choice for suspense fans.

This movie freaked me out when I saw it many years ago. The plot concerns a young single mom raising a rebellios teenage daughter(Lisa) who, tired of what she deems her mom's overprotectivness, begins crankcalling handsome strangers and unwittingly begins a phone flirtation with a serial killer. This movie would be a great choice for mothers and daughters to view. What makes it so scary is it's realism.This is a situation that could happen to anyone, It stays with you, there are a few really terrifying scenes.I'd recomend this movie to anyone who likes thrillers, "Lisa" will make girls wonder just who it is their striking up a conversation with.

Reviewed by SlasherReviewer 9 / 10 / 10


I watched this movie back on Cinemax and Showtime on cable when I was a kid and just got my hands on a VHS release of it not to long ago. Just as good as I remember it. Lots of obscene phone stalking by a 14 year old. Anyway the movie involves 2 cute supposedly 14 year old hotties and they toy with a serial killer and don't know how far they have pushed this psycho!!A really cool movie with a gory ending. Slasher reviewer gives this one a thumbs up and yells check it out for sure!!!!!Great acting, great storyline, cute chicks, unique kill scenes, what more could you ask for?

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