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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by E Canuck 9 / 10 / 10

Tribute to cinema in sight and sound

Wenders has shot a visual gem with rich sound and music, whose story-line and entire raison-d'etre is a tribute to film-making itself. Every frame is composed, dramatic, and the complementary colour theme of blue-yellow-red (predominantly sky blue) is adhered to so closely, it's phenemonal and delectable. Waiting for the supposed main character Friedrich, played by Patrick Bauchau, to show up in the film, eventually becomes a metaphor for those times in life when one waits for the "main event", and it's a long time coming. Life is what happens while we're waiting for life to begin. Rudiger Vogler's Phillip gets to deliver a wonderful lecture to all pretentious artists everywhere who've lost their way, and to art film-makers like Friedrich, especially. We're so happy to hear him dressing down Freidrich, and doing so more articulately than we could have done, it gives this fairly slow-moving film a wonderful sense of resolution and direction. A very human film about the ordinary, the magic in the ordinary, and the ability of film to convey that magic. Loved it.

Reviewed by patkoczy 10 / 10 / 10

Falling in love with a city

This movie is, without the question, the most beautiful movie ever written about the city of Lisbon. It shows on the inside, all the old houses and narrow streets that Portuguese people hold so dearly... The plot is pretty simple: Phillip Winter (Rüdiger Vogler) is a sound ingeneer for a German director who moved to Lisbon, and he receives a letter from his friend to come to Portugal and help him do this movie about the capital, through sound capturing of all the people, small noises, and even feelings that float in the air. Vogler accepts the challenge, and goes on a trip to Lisbon. In the city, he gets acquainted with a local band, Madredeus (who perform a beautiful soundtrack for Lisbon Story), and some of the local kids... After a few weeks, he realizes he's in love with this town, so full of charm and emotion all over, and the rest I leave for you to see. There is also a bit of romance, between the main actor and Teresa, the lead singer of Madredeus (which is, in fact, a beautiful Portuguese girl). Wim Wenders, as always, has great directing on this one, showing the places that we never thought that would contain so much beauty as they do. He's a great director, and this is a great picture, in a way of a documentary, but greatly captured. Strong feelings are expected. Wonderful movie.

Reviewed by lauri3 10 / 10 / 10

Haunting and beautiful

This movie had the most tremendous impact on me when I first saw it - and now that I watch it again it does the same kind of magic to me. It gives impressions, but mostly it uses pictures, music, sounds to convey beauty. The depth, what makes this more than commercial of Lisbon is the true question lying under about filmmakers wrestle with himself about the worth of making a film or any film and then again a really beautiful story about love which is drawn with only the needed lines to make you see it, but without spelling the feelings out. The lead singer of Madredeus - Teresa Salgueiro does exceptional role without playing anyone particular - also the presence of other band members is strong - and takes the movie somewhere between real and unreal and gives the movie sleepy, dreamy like atmosphere. Wenders must have talent in casting since also the "local" people fit in perfectly and are so easy about being in front of camera.

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