Little Men



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Alfred Molina as John Tetzel
Greg Kinnear as Talk Show Host
Jennifer Ehle as Valerie Sonnenschein
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cosmo_tiger 7 / 10 / 10

The acting & writing are good, but it felt a little flat at some parts & really just came to an abrupt end, which hurt the movie

"The neighborhoods changing." Brian Jardine (Kinnear) is a struggling actor who has just lost his father. He heads to Brooklyn for the funeral and to deal with his fathers estate. He discovers that a small business was costing his father money, and is unable to continue the same deal. This causes tension with him and the owner of the business, which is further enhanced by the fact that Brian's son and the son of the owner are best friends. This is a really good movie that makes you think. You really struggle to decide who is in the right and can see both sides equally. The dynamic of the adults and the kids relationships are really fleshed out and are the true heart of the movie. That said, the movie could have been really good but it stayed a little monotone and the end just kind of happened. When you watch this you will see what I mean. Overall, the acting and writing are good, but it felt a little flat at some parts and really just came to an abrupt end, which hurt the movie a little bit. I disappointingly give this a B-.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 4 / 10 / 10

Enjoyable enough...but it doesn't quite hit the mark.

"Little Men" is a film I just saw at a film festival. While I have nothing against the movie, I did find that it left me feeling a bit the film just didn't quite hit the mark. The ending certainly contributes to this feeling. When the film begins, a family moves to Brooklyn from their home in Manhatten. This is because the grandfather has died and they've decided to move into Grandpa's home. The son, Jake, is a loner who loves to draw and you assume this move will be tough on him. However, their downstairs renter has a son, Tony and the boys soon become best buddies. But when a rent dispute occurs between Jake and Tony's family the story comes unraveled and just ends. The picture has some nice things going for it...such as Michael Barbieri's nice performance as Tony. But the ending left me and some others in the audience a bit disappointed as the resolution just seemed flat.

Reviewed by pauliecorleone-72628 4 / 10 / 10

A severely underdeveloped wasted potential

Had this movie been more about the boys and less about the hard-to-like adults, it could have been something pure, fresh, exciting. Unfortunately, it turns out to be nothing but a constant skidding into the margins of a plot that never gets past the original idea. Was this filmed with the sole purpose of indulging the viewer with a superbly shot, colorful urban reality? It gains ground there. Maybe we were supposed to pour out our emotional responses on account of Greg Kinnear's, admittedly very talented, ever-downcast writhing eyebrows? Because that would be another minor win for Little Men. Alas, I don't think either of those points carry any sort of validity so, all in all, it all wraps up into a sad 'no'.

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