Little Nicholas


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Gérard Jugnot as Rivetot
Kad Merad as Le père de Nicolas
Louise Bourgoin as La fleuriste
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Karl Self 9 / 10 / 10

It's funny. End of discussion.

I love the "Petit Nicholas" books and René Goscinny is a personal god of mine, so I was very sceptical about this film. Especially because it's not "real-life" rather than a cartoon, whereas Jean-Jacques Sempés illustrations were essential to the charme of the books. But then the reviews were good and I gave it a try. If you look at Goscinny's humour, it's almost reactionary. There's the fat guy, the rich kid, the dimwit, the four-eyed squealer, the easily- ired father, the just-a-housewife mother. And they all translate well onto film. Goscinny's humour stems from letting those characters interact predictably but creatively and with perfect timing, and this movie's makers managed to closely reproduce Goscinny's genius. It's funny and escapist -- nothing more. Childhood as it should be. Sempé himself said that he created the childhood for little Nick he never had for himself.

Reviewed by nitznithya 10 / 10 / 10

Genuinely good

This is a very entertaining movie.Loved the opening credits were very creative. Kids looked adorably innocent when they are discussing about grave issues, which are actually mostly imaginary.Looks like the movie was made from real incidents or observations.The potion looked very similar to something I had made during school days, when I got hooked in Chemistry . Characters were well made, consistent and well played.Streets in France looks so beautiful.The beauty of the movie comes from its close resemblance to real life. Scenes of the medical check up, parallel parking, boss visiting the house were hilarious. Good background music too.Well crafted by creative minds,and great story.

Reviewed by egillsigurdur 10 / 10 / 10

A hilarious and a beautiful movie!

This movie is amazing. It is not often that I go to see a foreign movie, but people had told me how good this one was so I just went. And I do not regret it. The actors all seem to fit perfectly for their part. I found it hard to imagine how they were any different in real life. One gets kind of nostalgic, seeing those children in their school uniforms. The story is just wonderful, and it is really, really humorous, the entire audience laughed throughout the movie. It is not that kind of funny in the way normal Adam Sandler and those Hollywood movies are. It has something more to it, it is not, well, hollow (cannot really describe it). The way the director has got this set up, to see the world the way a kid sees it, to look into what's going through their mind, this is all just wonderful. I walked out of there with a little smile on, I was all fuzzy after having laughed so much. I would really like it if my town would start showing more foreign movies like this one.

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