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Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 10 / 10 / 10

Little Man...

A wannabe dad mistakes a vertically challenged criminal on the lam as his newly adopted son. The Wayans Brothers bring the laughs with this crime comedy that even tho it's cgi is terrible it brings the comedic talent that hits the mark more than once in both characters and story. (10/10)

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 1 / 10 / 10


A vertically challenged criminal named Calvin has just stole a precious diamond from a jewellery store along with his dim-witted partner, Percy. The snatch goes awry, and Calvin ends up ditching the diamond by stashing it in a woman named Vanessa's purse. Vanessa Is married to wannabe-dad named Darryl. Calvin must now pose as a young infant in order to retrieve the stolen diamond. However, a simple quick-and-grab turns into a relationship between Calvin and Darryl which offers life lessons like a hammer to the head. The Wayans family output is as hit and miss as you could imagine. There are a few gems in there, but you have to trudge through a load of pap to get to the goodies. I'm Gonna Get You Sucka!, was a tidy homage to the blaxploitation sub-genre, offering plenty of laughs, but referencing its subject with respect. Mo' Money isn't everyone's favourite film, but it's fresh and funny enough to catch it when it's ever on TV. After A Low Down Dirty Shame, their output became more and more smutty, and the scripts relied on bodily fluid gags rather than actual intellectual humour. This is where this film lies. Littleman is another high concept idea that is executed poorly, and once the titular character is transformed into a toddler, the film resorts to racial, toilet, orifice, and competitive dad jokes, and it becomes lethargic very quickly. It's not funny, it verges on offensive, and the racial undertones just don't sit right in what should have been a family film. And there is one bedroom scene that is judged so badly, it ruins the rest of the film. When a Rob Schneider cameo is the best thing about a film, times are a changing for the writers. Scary Movie had a lot to answer for comedies in the noughties, arguable one of the poorest decades for American comedy. At least John Witherspoon is good. Oh, and a Chazz Palminteri plays a mobster for the umpteenth time, in a worthless role.

Reviewed by stormhawk2018 1 / 10 / 10

Where is Herod when he is needed?

There are no movies made on the subject of babies or children who think or react as adults. And yet, the Wayans still have the courage to make this "Little Man". The story (to qualify it somehow), is a pilfering from the 1954 Looney Tunes short "Baby Buggy Bunny"; and tells about Calvin, a thief of a meter of height (Marlon Wayans) that steals a diamond and hides it in the bag of a happy pair, Darryl and Vanessa (Shawn Wayans and Kerry Washington). The way to recover it will be impersonated as a baby. A baby, by the way, that goes unnoticed without anyone, at any time, suspect him. It must be that he does not grow a beard, and that it is normal for him to have a 32-piece dentition (or more, judging by the scenes in which Marlon Wayans opens his mouth, there are a few). As the script does not give for more than, say, about 10 minutes, the rest of the footage goes on to show us gags as novel as the supposed baby looking at Brittany Daniel's breasts, putting hand to several girls, or hitting the noble parts of almost every man who appears on the screen more than a second and a half. He's not into humor any more, of course. Also, this movie is very sexist, the female characters come out exclusively to serve as a sexual object, by the way (from Vanessa, the mother to Walken's girlfriend). But the Wayans Bros. are still in the 50's? In the end, in case you have not guessed it already, the thief becomes good, the father forgives that he is a delinquent who has been deceiving them, and the viewer leaves wanting to have given his money a better destination, as the bottom of a sewer. But most serious of all is that there will be people who even laugh. How the Wayans must be laughing, watching the people leave their rooms at the box office. And to finish, how I would have liked to act in that film as a policeman, where after capturing Walken and his bandits, forcing Walken's girlfriend to marry a Japanese man (because that actress was probably born in 1964, the year of the Olympics in Tokyo).

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