Living in Fear


Mystery / Thriller

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November 27, 2020


Cynthia Preston as Mary Hausman
Jack McGee as Leo Glass
John Saxon as Blake Richards
Katherine Helmond as Roxie Famosa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sol1218 6 / 10 / 10

It's been twenty years already , why don't you give it a rest.

**SPOILERS** Trying to put the past behind him Chuck Hausman, William R. Moses, at the urging of his wife Rebecca,Marcia Cross, never the less travels back to his home town of Deerfield for the reading of his fathers Reverand Leo Hausmer's, John Saxon, will. Right away old wounds are opened up as we see how the people in town respond to Chuck with total disdain and disgust blaming him for the murder, that was declared an accident, of his first wife Mary, Cyntyhina Preston some twenty years ago. At the reading of the will it's discovered that Rev. Leo left Chuck $10,000.00 together with another ten grand to his housekeeper Mrs. Ford ,Katherine Helmound, who didn't bother to show up. But the over $250,000.00 that was given to him by Pete Gromek, Brandon Maggart, together with Art Sannar & Clift Bartok, Daniel Quinne & Jack McGee, to invest was completely gone due to, from what Leo said in his will, bad investments. A number of story lines run concurrently in the film "Living in Fear" with the suspicion of Chuck being his first wife's murderer leading the pack. Chuck is also discovered to have been institutionalized, for a nerves condition, while in the US Marines during the Vietnam War. a fact that he withheld from his wife Rebecca. That as well as being somehow involved in the later deaths of housekeeper Mrs Ford and his former high school sweetheart Jeanine, Michele Scarabelli. Jeanine was not only suffering from a very severe case of wife abuse but who was also blackmailing Chuck with information that she knew about Mary's death and who's body was later found in the trunk of Chuck's car. The most shocking thing that comes out of Chuck's past has in fact something to do with the death of his first wife Mary that was no accident but a crime of passion, as everyone in town had long suspected. But the passion of the person who killed her and why had nothing to do with Chuck at all, even though he helped cover up the crime. This we discover was the real reason for Chuck's mental breakdown and instability that has haunted him all these twenty years. It also turns out that someone in town knowing that the $250,000.00 was somehow hidden in the late Leo's home, where both Chuck & Rebecca were staying at. That person saw Chuck as the perfect pasty in murdering Jeanine, who in the killer's deranged mind knew too much. He then ends up leaving the clues to her death right on Chuck's doorstep, or car trunk. Then incites Jeannie somewhat mad dog husband Stuart, Ted Haler, on him in order to have Chuck murdered in a fit of uncontrollable passion on his part. This effort in getting the lost money on the killers part was a bit confusing since why take the chance of having Chuck killed before he can find out where the hidden cash was that Chuck later, with the help of an old photo of him when he was 12, found? We also learn the person responsible for Jeanine death also had it in for Chuck ever since he married Mary some twenty years ago. Since he was her boyfriend at the time and felt that Chuck stole her from him. Knocking off Deerfield Sheriff Lyle Pointer (Chris Kriesa), who stopped his van on the way to Chuck & Rebecca's place, for good measure and also planning to frame Chuck with it the killer now has his master plan all set up. The killer then has the crazed Stuart manipulated into killing Chuck for the murder, that the killer committed, of his wife Jeanine. The entire plan falls apart when he prematurely opens his big fat mouth, not knowing that crazy Stu was lurking around in the house and listening in, which had his whole crazy plan fall apart together with him.

Reviewed by eamarkasky 8 / 10 / 10

Gee wonder if I can figure out who did it

Look, I watch a lot of Lifetime movies, but this one was sad even for Lifetime. Characters and story line are very one dimensional. Seen this story a million times. Marcia Cross and William Moses aren't bad actors, Moses has made a nice career out of TV movies, (not that there's anything wrong with that) but the rest were meh. John Saxon got top billing - I think I saw him in there somewhere. Story was very predictable and very corny in places SPOILER - Art's death scene was laughable and Stuart's shooting and quick recovery to save the day was - big surprise - predictable. My favorite was the 'touching' voice-over of John Saxon talking about how proud he is of his son

Reviewed by dukesjc 8 / 10 / 10

William R. Moses

I thought Billy Moses (so known in his youthful acting days) displayed the frustrated anger of an abused child so believably in this film. Best effort from him I've ever observed. Powerless anger is a complex emotion and he nailed it. It can't be easy to show anger, pain, and frustration in the same tearful face. It's not that I don't have a life, but did anybody else notice that the license plate on his preserved boyhood Mustang was the exact same as on James Garner's ROCKFORD FILES Firebird 30 years ago. Please, somebody. I was especially impressed by this abused character being unable to accept harsh military discipline and faking mental illness to escape that commitment. How many young men in jails, prisons and stockades are there because of unresolved anger from childhood abuse? And that admission by his character complicated the revelation of his innocence. This movie is more than just a two-hour MURDER SHE WROTE, but the complex story of a father's botched love for his fearful son. It challenges the Biblical admonition of spare the rod and spoil the child when a religious man goes off discipline's deep, dark end. The they-lived-happily-ever-after ending was ambiguous at best and most of us would have loved to have seen the money actually returned to its rightful owners not just alluded to.

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