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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jotix100 8 / 10 / 10

Lola and her men

Lola, a beautiful chanteuse working in Nantes, is a kind soul. The love of her life, Michel, abandoned her seven years ago. In the cabaret where she works attracts a lot of foreign sailors. Among the ones we meet, Frankie, is clearly one of Lola's favorites. This young man loves her in his own way and he her little son, Yvon. Roland Cassard, is a young man also from Nantes. It appears working for a living doesn't appeal to him too much. One day, while strolling in town, Roland sees Lola, who he hasn't seen in the years after the war. Lola, who had loved Roland, brings him up to date about what has happened to her in those years. Jacques Demy's lovely account of Lola and Roland in his beloved city, also includes an elegant woman, Mme. Desnoyers and her daughter Cecile, who interact with both Roland and Frankie in this evocative story set in the Nantes where Mr. Demy celebrated in most of his films. It's a fitting tribute by the film maker to a city that he loved as it comes alive in this beautiful film. He was blessed with the magnificent black and white cinematography of Raoul Coutard, one of the best in France. Michel Legrand, who contributed the music score, gives a hint to another Jacques Demy film that will follow "Lola" in three years: "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg". In fact, there are parallels in "Lola" that can be seen in "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg", in the figures of Mme. Desnoyers and Roland Cassard. Only Cassard made it to the other film. Anouk Aime, one of France's loveliest actresses of all times, is seen as Lola. She does a marvelous job with this woman who has been cheated out of her happiness, but who doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Marc Michel is also effective as Roland Cassard. Allan Scott is brilliant at Frankie, another kind soul that gravitated, and loves Lola, even though he can't have her. Elina Labourdette makes the elegant Mme. Desnoyers come alive and the gorgeous Annie Duperoux does an excellent job with her Cecile. "Lola" is a wonderful film that shows the great Jacques Demy at his best!

Reviewed by nycritic 10 / 10 / 10


Romance as a genre encompasses dreamy passions and interconnecting love affairs. LOLA is as a whole, the embodiment of romance rising in the flesh as Anouk Aimee, clearly posing as Venus/Aphrodite and with a heart to end all hearts and a physicality that is alluring, dark, carnal, but a dream morphing into an ethereal reality. She, as Lola, is a fallen woman who doesn't wallow too much over her fate but enchants everyone who crosses her path; she pines for the man who left her with child -- Miohel -- while Roland Cassard, who would later marry Catherine Deneuve's character in THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG, floats in as one of Lola's many suitors, which also include an American sailor. Lola is pure stream of consciousness made breezy romance, barely having its plot but existing purely on the notion that somehow these characters have their counterparts and are meant to meet them along the way, even when there will be heartbreak and some important decisions to be made. Jacques Demy, to me one of the greatest romantics of the 20th Century, created his trilogy with this excellent little piece that most certainly still has all the qualities of a musical without music and hasn't aged as it approaches its 50th year.

Reviewed by the_monocle 10 / 10 / 10


LOLA is a wonderful movie. It may not have the intensity of THE UMBRELLAS or even YOUNG GIRLS, but it is the beginning of the Demy sensibility that came to fruition in those films. The difference is that in LOLA he takes more from the contemporary films scene, bowing to his peers as well as his predecessors. Despite criticisms, the effect of the film, its music and playful qualities, its excellent acting and camera, still puts contemporary films to shame.

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