Long Way North


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by videosoul 8 / 10 / 10

What beautiful film!

The animation was lovely (it's been a while since I've seen a new animated film). It took me 10 minutes or so to get stuck into the style (mostly as I don't watch many animations these days), but I soon began to really appreciate the animation flow, textures and in particular the camera positions and lighting which were both really interesting, creative and important to the story in places. The story itself is simple yet also very rich and moving, with educational messages that everyone should be able to take something from. It's definitely a film that everyone can enjoy: both children and adults. Some moments really struck an emotional chord within me... tears welled up at one point! Is the story traditional? Have other films been made based on the same story? I also enjoyed the music, both the soundtrack and the use of "popular style" songs. These took me surprise at first, and I felt sceptical at hearing them... but actually they worked really well, and by the end I was really enjoying their use. When I have children I hope this will be a film they will love and enjoy, and take with them through to adulthood in the same way that I still have fond memories of some films I watched repeatedly as a kid.

Reviewed by larrys3 9 / 10 / 10

Surprising Little Gem

I didn't know what to expect from this French-Danish animated film directed by Remi Chaye, but it proved to be a surprising little gem. The animation is wonderful, the characters most vivid, and the storyline is excellent. OK, so some of the plot elements are pure fantasy, but I found myself thoroughly enjoying it anyway. The story revolves around the headstrong aristocratic 15-year-old Sacha, who's living in St. Petersburg,Russia, in 1882. She's determined to somehow find the lost ship of her beloved grandfather Oloukine, who was regarded as a great explorer in Russia, but now a new scientific councilor is threatening to besmirch Oloukine's name and remove it from an Academy of Sciences library. Sacha, who knows her grandfather's dream was to plant the Russian flag on the North Pole,has found a navigation sheet left by Oloukine, which indicates the search parties may have been looking in the wrong places. Sacha will run off from home, and eventually try and convince an icebreaker's captain to search again, and try and collect a million rubles reward offered by the Tsar. Along the dangerous journey,they'll be lots of suspense and tension for all concerned. All in all, if you don't mind the film's poetic license for some of the plot elements, you may find this film to be exceptional and most enjoyable.

Reviewed by rannynm 9 / 10 / 10

Truly a work of art with beautiful, hand-drawn animation and an exciting adventure.

There are animated films that don't use animation to its full potential and treat it as a tool instead of an art. Long Way North is not one of these films for it is a beautifully crafted animated masterpiece. Long Way North, at its core, is an adventure - not just a physical one, but an emotional one for the protagonist, Sacha. With so many dangerous moments, there is a multitude of action scenes filled with drama and intensity. This film will inspire you with its heartwarming story. The story takes place in 1880s St. Petersburg, Russia. Sacha (Christa Théret) is a young girl from a very successful family. She doesn't have her eyes on politics or wealth. Instead, Sacha has her eyes on the North Pole. After her grandfather disappears on a voyage to the North Pole, she makes it her mission to find him. It won't be easy, she has never worked in her entire life and she will have to do it without her wealthy parents' support. One thing that is truly spectacular about this movie is how quickly you understand the conflict, protagonist, plot and goals of the protagonist. Within the first five minutes, I knew the names of each character, Sacha's hopes and dreams, her challenges and why her character is unique. Very few films can achieve this with even a simple plot which shows how well the film's story is shown. Another beautiful part of the film is the animation. It is hand drawn and very colorful. The style perfectly suits the story and seamlessly shows the different elements of the movie, from big ice cliffs to the stormy seas. One aspect of the film I disliked is the voice-over acting and dubbing. The movie was recorded originally in French and is dubbed in English. Many times, the voices are very emotional and perfectly fit the characters, but at times the voices are too soft and sound as if they were recorded in a room somewhere and not where the action is taking place. Despite this, turning on sub-titles completely removes this issue and it is still a very entertaining and enjoyable film. My favorite scene is when Sacha first leaves the large mansion, surrounded by the maids she grew up with. What appeals to me about this scene is how connected you feel to this young girl. You can feel her fear, excitement and wonder that she is experiencing. It is all achieved, thanks to the amazing story, wonderful animation and unique, but relatable characters. Parents have very little to worry about in this film. In a few scenes, there is some mild language, but that's it. I recommend it for ages 5 to 18. It is intended to be a kid's film, but because of the mature and inspiring story, I believe that teenagers and young adults will enjoy it as well. I give it 4 ½ out of 5 stars because it only has one small issue with the dubbing and voice-overs, but it is truly a work of art and something the whole family can enjoy watching. This film is available on DVD on January 17, 2017 so, go check it out. You're sure to enjoy this adventure. Reviewed by Gerry O., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. For more reviews by youth, visit kidsfirst dot org.

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