Lord of the Flies


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Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 8 / 10 / 10

A Society without Perspectives and Rules

After a plane crash in the ocean, a group of British students reach an island. The boy Ralph (James Aubrey) organizes the other kids, assigning responsibilities for each one. When the rebel Jack (Tom Chapin) neglects the fire camp and they lose the chance to be seen by an airplane, the group split under the leadership of Jack. While Ralph rationalizes the survival procedures, Jack returns to the primitivism, using the fear for the unknown (in a metaphor to the religion) and hunger to control the other boys. His group starts hunting and chasing pigs, stealing the possession of Ralph's group and even killing people. When I saw the 1990 "The Lord of the Flies", I found the impressive story very scary since it shows the lost of innocence of children fighting to survive in a society without perspective and rules. My immediate association was with my and other Third World countries, where many children are abandoned by the Government in their poor communities, and without education, perspectives in life and laws, become very young criminals working in gangs of drug dealers and thieves. In this movie, it is exposed how primitive a kid can be without the authority and respect, and this sort of violence is in the headlines of our newspapers almost every day. I have never the chance of reading this visionary novel, but both movies are very similar and I believe that they are good adaptations, with a frightening study of characters and sociology. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil): "O Senhor das Moscas" ("The Lord of the Flies")

Reviewed by emilywes56 9 / 10 / 10

The absolute story of human psyche

After reading the book and watching the 1990 version of Lord of the Flies, I watched at last the original first black and white version of the film Lord of the Flies. The story interested me from the beginning, I thought it was fascinating and scary. This film has good pace, some wonderful black and white frames and it follows strictly the line of the book. The basic principle of civilization is being destroyed when an airplane crashes in a remote island and when the children in it take total control of their existence and survival. This film is a character study, which with clever details it helps us understand the different psychological situations of every child's mind. For example, we see Piggy wears his clothes until the end of the film, until the minute he dies. He is one of the most peaceful and logical characters in the island, and also he never becomes violent or savage. We see also, kids which are naked or painted in the face and body, signs of a more rapid evolution in disorder and disobedience.

Reviewed by a_chinn 9 / 10 / 10

Excellent adaptation of classic novel

"Sucks to your asthma!" Fine adaptation of William Golding's classic novel. I'll forego summarizing the story since anyone who ever went to high school has read the book. I hadn't seen this film in years and was quite taken with how naturalistic it felt. It had almost a documentary feel to it. I was also taken with how little dialogue there was and how much of the story was able to be told visually (an albatross around the neck of most literary adaptations), which is why director Peter Brook's adaptation remains the best film version of this novel. The boys in the film seem very real and all seem to genuinely enjoy their time on the jungle playing with spears, making fire, and hunting. With the exception of the boy who plays Ralph, none of the boys went on to make any other films, which leads me to think that to a degree they really were just a bunch of kids in the jungle going feral. The central conflict between Jack and Ralph is portrayed well by both actors, who are sincere in making their cases for civilization vs. going savage, but I think the boy who played Piggy is the most memorable. He carries himself like a little adult, out of place and clearly seeing the reality of their situation; that he's out numbered, without any influence, and is at the mercy of the mob. This film works both on a subtextual level about human nature in terms of civilization vs. savagery, but it also works as a simple surface level adventure story. Overall, this is fabulous filmmaking and is a must see.

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