Loss Prevention

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June 29, 2019


Lyon Beckwith as Henchman #1
Vernon Wells as Murphy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by silvermistvio 3 / 10 / 10

Plot is too simple. Should have improved more.

Before I watched this film, I've read some reviews here on IMDB and found that some people were saying that this film is kind of a bad film. As much as I have seen, some of the reviews are right and some are wrong. As for me, most of the times, those reviews are totally wrong. If some people said that it's not a good movie, it is for me. But this one is an exception. As I've said that some people said that this film is not good. I agreed in half, but not fully. It's not good? Yes, the plot is not that good. It's not that strong. In fact, there wasn't that much in the plot. Too simple but it was okay for the whole time until the end came. The ending was nothing and so weak. I feel like it was ended for nothing. When the nearly ended scene where Nicki and that girl are kissing came, I didn't have a clue that it's going to finish soon because I was expecting more than this. But nothing more came but the end. The ending disappointed me. I don't like it, even for a bit. It can also be said that this film is another film of lesbians. I'm not saying that it's not good and there shouldn't be. But maybe I'm not that much into those kinds of films right now. So, I don't like that part that much. The plot is too simple, but I hardly understand the last part where they make a deal. I feel like it's very simple but also it's kind of extremely complex that I don't know what happened. So, if they could do something better than this, something clearer, I think it'd be a great film to enjoy. Although it says that it's an action film, but there wasn't that much action. I feel like it was just an ordinary film with some movements. If they could put more actions, yeah, it'd be better than this. Moreover, I really don't like the Nicki's character. The way she talks, the way she behaves, it makes me disgusting. But it's just a character, so, I took it that way to make me feel better. Still, I don't like her. Overall is that this film seemed to be a great film, but it's not. It was just an ordinary film with poor and simple plot. I feel like it's a kind of low budget film. If they could end with something different and improve it somehow, I think it will be better than this. (But now? It's not.)

Reviewed by BustedHalo 1 / 10 / 10

Decent - entertaining and watchable

Loss Prevention is not a terrible low budget action-ish movie. I've seen far worse from the WWE studio. But it's certainly not a "10", either. Good shootouts, decent acting, one major continuity gaff, and acceptable writing. Except for the overuse of the "corporate America bad" trope. In the end, it's worth a watch.

Reviewed by ops-52535 1 / 10 / 10

its a sin....

This is not a good film, so if you decide not to watch then you make a wise descision, because its a sin to make bad movies like this. it has a story, but the technical quality of the work is so bad. just check the light angles and youll understand. when noticing that 60% of the cast is also on the crew list, then a bell starts ringing.. the grumpy old man thinks that brian is cunning us all, and therefore will get tuna instead of ham on the bread for the rest of his life, its cunningly well done mr cunningham, you stole a part of my life tonight. defnately not recommended.

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