Lost Boys: The Thirst


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Thriller

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April 4, 2019



Corey Haim as Corey Haim
Tanit Phoenix as Angel
Tanya van Graan as Erica Channing
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by siderite 7 / 10 / 10

Consistently surprising in a pleasant way

If you have seen the original Lost Boys you know it wasn't the greatest movie of all times, but it has enough spirit to make it a classic people loved and compared to. When I first heard Lost Boys would be turned into a franchise, I refused to watch the movie (The Tribe) because I was sure it would suck. Not so, though, since I have seen it recently and I believe it retained some of the spunk and the tongue in cheek approach of the original. Now, it is time for the third part, something that I was certain had no chance of being fun. I am glad to say I was wrong again. Lost Boys: The Thirst is not the greatest movie of all times, either, but it is certainly fun, especially for the people that liked the other movies in the group. Yeah, about the ending... I thought it was more like a joke, something that people can laugh about. I doubt anyone really took it seriously, especially since most of the film itself was mostly humorous than thrilling. People clearly enjoyed playing in the movie. Some of the dialog was really amusing like the vampire noticing Frog is awful with the sword. The return of Alan Frog was also nice, especially since Jamison Newlander played as Alan Frog for the second movie as well, but the scenes got deleted from the finished product. Frankly, this film would have been a great opportunity for Kiefer Sutherland to play a cameo. Oh, well. Bottom line: If you have seen the original Lost Boys and liked it, you will enjoy this one, too. If you haven't, go watch it, what are you waiting for? Then watch this one :)

Reviewed by andrew-757 6 / 10 / 10

Loved it

Had the pleasure of watching this in the private screening at San Diego ComiCon 2010... just awesome, perfect. Exactly what Part 2 should have been. Obviously there is decidedly a lot more Corey Feldman content... but I don't think people are prepared for how much heart this movie has. There are several flashbacks that feature Corey Haim that are really heartbreaking in light of what you and I know in reality. A little undecided about the ending, and what "future direction" that portends, but things are suitably bookended thus far for the existing trilogy. Good times.

Reviewed by camera-shy 6 / 10 / 10

purely for the fans

Im a big fan of the original and I really just treat these new films as separate fan films rather than proper sequels and if you do that you can forgive them for some of the cheese that you'll see. Like the other guy said not sure about the ending or where they are going with it but i know Corey hasn't had the best time of it over the years and if it will help him to regain some of his former glory and get him back on his feet again I'm all for it, everyone deserves a second chance. If you like the original film and have watched the "tribe" then don't stop now you may as well give this one a go but don't expect anything other than a fan film.

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