Lost Heart


Comedy / Drama / Mystery

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December 28, 2020



Don Most as Milo Williams
Victoria Jackson as Alma Howard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gcstuckey 10 / 10 / 10

A must see movie!

This movie has amazing actors that really embrace realistic qualities that we all can relate to. Each character has traits that show that ,despite overcoming obstacles, they care for one another and have a strong will to endure trials. Forgiveness is an overlooked topic that we all need to come back to and keep in our hearts.This movie brings that idea home. And forgiveness is a gift....a miracle..it's supernatural. May we all be ready to forgive. Thank you for the bringing this movie to life and sharing a message that the world needs right now.

Reviewed by arozeboom 9 / 10 / 10

GREAT Movie! A Must see!

What an amazing story that shares how even people farthest from God can be redeemed and forgiven. The cast has a way to pull you into the story and connect with them on their personal struggles and growth throughout the film!

Reviewed by nkcena 9 / 10 / 10

One Of The Best Films Of 2020

After seeing close to 200 2020 films, I had the honor of watching Lost Heart starring Melissa Anschutz and Don Most. This is a religious Dramedy with tons of heart and humor. Hannah (Melissa Anschutz) is a burnt out music star, who returns to her hometown Lost Heart, Michigan due to the death of her father. Her father wasn't the nicest man during her upbringing, little does she know he turned into a caring man taking in Chip (Josh Perry). Hannah has not forgiven her father, but after she confronts the demons and ghost of her past, can she forgive her father and regain her happiness. We also get a side plot with Elise who wants to be a singer that makes it big just like Hannah. However her boyfriend isn't happy with her dreams, which could lead to the end of their relationship. The only problem I had with Lost Heart was some of the side plot. I felt that the screenplay focused too much on Elise and her boyfriend, but that's a minor problem. Melissa delivers a fabulous performance as does Don Most. The filmmakers know how to balance Drama and Comedy. We get some emotional scenes with Chip as well as some really funny comedic moments the weigh each other out perfectly. The cinematography isn't anything groundbreaking,but it's well done, with pristine editing and lighting techniques. Lost Heart is not one to miss this year.

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