Lost Holiday


Comedy / Mystery

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December 26, 2019


Emily Mortimer as Romy Thomas
Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Matthews
Joshua Leonard as Daryl
Kate Lyn Sheil as Frankie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sravenel-70309 10 / 10 / 10

Whooohoooo!!! Hold on!

Wild and quirky ride thru dc with a couple of 30 something friends home for holidaze! I loved it!

Reviewed by carolinematthews-74545 8 / 10 / 10

Captivating and thought provoking...also just plain funny

I was captivated by the characters while watching --- what made them tick? -- and found myself thinking about them days after the movie. Funny, relatable, and a must see.

Reviewed by randy-66284 8 / 10 / 10

Not what I thought it would be, and that is a good thing!

As a artist in my late, late, late fifties...I'm sixty three, I thought this movie was not going to be my nor my wife's kind of movie. It was about younger people in their 20s, millennials if you will, that were still partying their lives away and not giving a damn about what happens on any given evening. Especially when it's the holiday season (in this case, Christmas/New Years) and everyone is back home from where ever they may be coming from, reacquainting themselves with their old friends (for better or worse) and tiptoeing around old lovers and the life partners they are now with. William Jackson Harper did a nice job keeping the tension just under the radar of his watchful wife played by Allie Gallerandi. So, if you want to see a typical "were too old to be partying like this' movie, the first act is totally this! My wife and I were both rolling our eyes at the antics of the characters, 'been there, done that, I don't need to watch a movie about it'. This attitude nearly made us miss the second act turn. We had to play catch up to figure out what was going on. Don't do what we did, just watch the movie and pay attention! I'm not sure I want to say much more about the sequence of events from this point. Let's just say, it becomes a whole lot more interesting and is totally worth the time it takes to watch the movie. Kate Lyn Sheil provides a strong female lead that has a vulnerability that draws you in, but also the strength to take control of a situation when it's called for. A nice solid support from Thomas Matthews as sidekick / comic relief, never lets the movie drag or get too over-the-top with gags. Since he co-wrote and co-directed this film along with his brother, Michael Matthews, I assume this was by design, so bravo to you both. Shot on 16mm film, (yep, the kind you have to develop) it has a classic look of a sixties exploitation film and I think this could even become one of those cult like films you sit down and watch now and then for the performances and the retro look of the film. I know it's going to be a streaming film and there are a lot of platforms that are going to carry it. Find it on your favorite and make an evening of it. Maybe take some 'shrooms, pop some corn and crack a beer.

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