Lost Transmissions



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March 21, 2020


Alexandra Daddario as Margaret
Juno Temple as Celia
Simon Pegg as Paul
Tao Okamoto as Wendi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gillestijmes 8 / 10 / 10

A true look inside mental illness

Drawing inspiration from Czech and other Eastern European films, 'Lost Transmissions' is a reaction to the flaws in the bureacracy surrounding mental health. The film tackles the difficulties of a '5150', which keeps certain individuals from getting the medical care that they, without even realizing it, are in desperate need of. Films about mental health are a hit or miss. Even if they manage to be executed well there's a fair amount of reasons to do it. 'Lost Transmissions' has decided to go for a true to life experience, with long shots and silences that seem to carry a lot of untold weight in it. The shots are a bit rough around the edges and gritty, not for lack of thought but for a more bare experience. Despite the longer shots the pacing of the film is a pleasure, with some more attention and pauses at exactly the right moments. Pegg as Theo Ross is an excellent choice: much as the likes of acting giants such as Robin Williams, Pegg manages to effectively blur the lines between comedy and drama. Where he previously has showed his potential of playing a 'funny' character with mental health problems in 'The World's End', 'Lost Transmissions' allows him to prove himself even more as an actor in this department. The moments of comedy are bittersweet due to the schizophrenic nature of the character, but allow the viewer to connect with the likeable but troubled person. Temple's role is much more subdued: Hannah is the anchor in the film that grounds it into reality. Where Theo goes off the rails once he stops taking his medication, Temple's character faces the numbness that antidepressants make her experience. Temple and Pegg have a genuine connection that show in Theo and Hannah, both in the happy moments (such as almost candid dialogue over Chinese food) and in the sadder moments further along the story. All in all 'Lost Transmissions' has approached the story with the respect it deserves, which in part is mostly due to the experiences and research the makers have put into getting it right.

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 8 / 10 / 10

Losing the transmissions.

Leaving the great Art of the Brick, (over 100 works of art,made of Lego!)I by chance found a leaflet for the Manchester International Film Festival. Viewing the line-up,I was excited that the film maker of this A-List cast title was doing a Q&A afterwards, leading to me searching for the transmissions. View on the film: Detailing in the 40 minute Q&A with Simon Pegg, (who due to filming of the latest Mission Impossible in Venice being delayed,could attend here) that Theo's battle with schizophrenia is based on what a close friend has faced, writer/director Katharine O'Brien makes her feature film debut with a up-close intimate atmosphere tuning into the most difficult aspects of Theo's condition. Closely working with cinematographer Arnau Valls Colomer, O'Brien trims away wide establishing shots, instead weaving stylish, jagged dissolves cleverly placing the viewer in the mind-set of Theo's condition not allowing for any room of establishment before being shown at it's most serve. Inspired by her musician friends struggle with schizophrenia, the screenplay by O'Brien plays fantastic low-key notes to the relationship between Hannah and Theo, as the shyness which holds her in the recording studio, is broken by her speaking up to support Theo, whose warmth towards Hannah and his music production talents are delicately held with the worst destabilising cases of schizophrenia. Finding her own voice in the friendship with Theo, Juno Temple gives a wonderful expressive turn as Hannah, whose fragile view of herself in song writing, is hardened by Temple from Hannah finding strength to speak out and support Theo, whilst Alexandra Daddario sparkles as charismatic singer Dana Lee trying with Hannah to reach the hit song note. Although he has treated his past Comedy characters seriously, Simon Pegg gives a superb debut "serious" performance as Theo, whose condition Pegg maturely presents as a destabilising weight, leaving the glimpse of his music talents, to play out into lost transmissions.

Reviewed by andreastefanci 8 / 10 / 10

A wake-up call. Realistic, raw, heartbreaking

Hats off to Katharine for her directorial debut. She did a great job portraying someone with mental illness. The truth is heart breaking and painful to watch. It's moving and upsetting. Great film to raise awareness about mental illness, something that should become a casual topic yet there still is stigma about it. It was nice to see Simon Pegg in a modest and serious role. He was authentic and accurate. Juno Temple was captivating. Her vulnerability and internal life are beautiful to watch.

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